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WPP and Sprinklr bring AI-powered customer experience to brands

WPP has launched a strategic partnership with Sprinklr, a company in enterprise software designed to improve customer experiences. Together, WPP and Sprinklr will create AI solutions to help clients offer experiences to customers through Sprinklr’s customer experience management platform (Unified-CXM). 

In today’s world, where creating a consistent and seamless customer experience across various channels can be a challenge, having advanced AI tools is crucial. Unified-CXM space working with over 1,400 brands including many of WPP’s clients, the Sprinklr platform provides a view of data for insights and analytics.

Through this partnership, WPP will become Sprinklr’s first global agency partner, and the two companies will collaborate on a new offering, CX Live AI, that connects Sprinklr’s AI+ platform, which includes both Sprinklr customized AI models and generative AI capabilities, with WPP’s own AI resources. This first-of-its-kind, joint offering will help the creative transformation company’s teams create optimized content that reaches the right audiences. They are already collaborating on solutions with select clients, such as The Coca-Cola Company, where teams leverage AI insights around customer engagement to inform creative development and channel selection. 

The companies will work together on shared data, analytics, and solution development for joint clients, and WPP teams will receive priority support from Sprinklr including bespoke enablement programs and early access to new Sprinklr products and platform features. In addition, WPP will participate in Sprinklr’s Partner Advisory Board to help shape the roadmap for products.

Stephan Pretorius, CTO of WPP, said: “Through the seamless integration of WPP’s AI toolset with Sprinklr’s AI+ platform, we are reshaping how brands can connect with their audiences. This  partnership enhances our existing AI capabilities and enables our clients to create customer  experiences across all touchpoints, further solidifying our position as a leader amidst the  technology revolution that is transforming our industry.”

Ragy Thomas, CEO and Founder of Sprinklr said: “Sprinklr and WPP serve many of the world’s most iconic brands. Together, this partnership will enable customers to effectively deploy  AI that will result in measurable productivity, cost savings, and the seamless experiences customers have come to expect today. Integrating Sprinklr’s AI-powered Unified-CXM platform  with WPP’s AI toolset will help our shared customers quickly adopt the latest AI technologies while  ensuring the enterprise-grade privacy, security, and governance that Sprinklr and WPP have built  our businesses on.”

Source: Social Samosa

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