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You can have everything just not at the same time: Tara Kapur on Human Behind The Marketer

In this episode of Team Pumpkin presents ‘Human Behind The Marketer’ created by Punctuate Inc, Founder Saloni Surti interviews Tara Kapur, India Marketing Head of Duolingo English Test.

Having changed seven different schools during her childhood, Kapur found her stability at a boarding school in Landour where she spent seven years. Delving into her career path, initially drawn to journalism as the editor of her school magazine, she pursued a degree in English literature moving on to attending school for journalism. However, Kapur’s career trajectory unexpectedly shifted towards marketing. Last year, she continued enhancing her skills by pursuing further education at IIM Calcutta, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning.

Moving on to discussing the positives and negatives of the advertising industry, Kapur emphasizes the significant disparities between the advertising and marketing sectors, especially on the issue of salaries and calls for greater transparency in this regard. However, she appreciates the positive side of the advertising industry, noting the many different roles now available for marketers. These range from working in content marketing at OTT companies to the changing world of startup marketing, which offers plenty of growth opportunities.

Drawing parallels between her experiences on the race track and life, Kapur underscores the importance of resilience and perseverance. She ends by highlighting the importance of dedicating time and effort to secure a job at a reputable firm. Kapur warns against seeking quick fixes, emphasizing the enduring value of persistent dedication and hard work.

Watch the full episode here and get to know the human behind the iconic marketer:

Source: Social Samosa

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