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YouTube’s Create app to expand to 13 countries

YouTube has launched YouTube Create in beta on Android across 13 more countries — including Australia, Brazil and Spain. This will help new and established creators worldwide make video creation simpler, easier and more lightweight — whether short-form or long-form. 

Last year, the platform announced YouTube Create, a free-of-charge app designed to make video editing for Shorts and longer videos easier.

Here are some features of the app and how to use them:


  • With YouTube, users can record right from their phones and pick out clips they want to edit directly in the app.
  • YouTube Create’s music library is royalty-free. Creators can easily monetize and share their creations on YouTube without worrying about copyright claims.
  • The app allows users to edit music to their videos easily. 
  • There are thousands of stickers, gifs, and a large curated set of effects and filters. Plus, Create’s transitions, effects, and filters help users go from one scene to another seamlessly. Users can adjust the colour, brightness, and saturation so the video looks and feels like your unique style.
  • YouTube Create automatically removes background noise (be it cars honking on the street or the espresso machine grinding beans) by tapping ‘Audio Cleanup’.
  • With auto-captions, users can transcribe and edit captions for their video with just the tap of a button, and pick from different options to stylize the text.
  • YouTube Create is integrated into YouTube, so users can easily create and start publishing Shorts and longer videos right to their channel with the tap of a button.


Source: Social Samosa

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