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10 Free Management Courses To Enrol Into Right Now

Management Courses

Management has been one of the most popular fields out there and to get into it, you must acquire the right skill set. In this highly competitive era, one needs to stay at the top of their game to achieve greater heights. You might want to land that dream job or get that most awaited promotion or just upskilling, online learning has been one of the most preferred choices today. For this reason, we have compiled a list of free management courses that might come in handy for you to land your dream job in management.

Of course, with digitalization, we have been noticing pros and cons. Perks of the information age means getting a lot of resources available for free. Imagine what you can achieve with free online courses. Save money, acquire skills, learn at your pace and so much more. In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 free management courses that you can enroll in and get ahead of the curve.

Top Free Management Courses

Project Management

This free management course will talk about project management from the basics. It will start with explaining the phases of a project, its initiation, planning, and execution. The course will then go ahead and talk about project monitoring and controlling, and project closing, and will wrap up after talking about the benefits of project management.

Course curriculum includes:

  • What is Project Management?
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • What is a Project?
  • Phases of Project
  • Project Initiation, Planning, Execution
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Project Closing
  • Components of Project Management
  • Setting Of Objectives
  • Benefits of Project Management

Healthcare Management

Healthcare management has been picking up lately and catching peoples’ interest. This management course in healthcare will throw light on the difference between healthcare management and healthcare administration along with how the healthcare and pharma sectors are not the same. Anyone who is interested in this industry and wants to get into it can enroll in this free online course.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Healthcare Management
  • What is Healthcare Management?
  • Healthcare Management vs Healthcare Administration
  • Differences Between Healthcare and Pharma Sector
  • What Does Healthcare Management Involve?
  • Key Segments of The Healthcare Industry
  • Healthcare Industry Value Chain
  • Key Competitive Advantages in the Healthcare Industry
  • The Role of Managers in Healthcare
  • Management Levels in Healthcare
  • Human Resource Management in Healthcare
  • Quality Management in Healthcare

Supply Chain Management

The Supply chain management course covers the basics as well as the historical perspective of the supply chain. This free course will also talk about how you can define the subject, drivers of the supply chain, and its problems. By the end of this course, you will have a good grasp of the supply chain and will be able to easily manage the whole process of supply chain management.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Historical Perspective of Supply Chain
  • Defining Supply Chain
  • Drivers and Problems in Supply Chain

Social Media Management

Social media has quickly taken over our lives and there’s no denying it. With social media on such a rise, it is only fair that the demand for social media managers will also see an increase. To meet this demand, one should have the right skill set to be able to meet the basic requirements. This free social media management course will help you achieve just that. Learn about the top social networks, social media tools, and all the reasons why one should invest in them.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Social Media Management
  • What is social media management?
  • Why practice social media management
  • Top social networks for social media management
  • Best social media management tools
  • How to get started with social media management?
  • Why invest in social media management services?

Human Capital Management

Learn about performance management, human capital management, compensation management, and talent acquisition in this management course. You will also learn about the various functions of HCM, different HCM models, and strategic HCM. Get a free certificate once you complete the course and clear the assessment this course has to offer.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Performance Management
  • What is HCM?
  • Functions of HCM
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Compensation Management
  • HCM Models
  • Strategic HCM

Customer Relationship Management

A CRM enables businesses to efficiently strategize and curate techniques that will help them retain their customers. This course will give you a basic introduction to CRM, the benefits of CRM, its process, and examples. Once you are done with the course and have successfully completed the assessment, you will also get a free certificate that you can highlight on your Linkedin and CV.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Main components of Operations Management
  • Introduction to Customer Relationship Management
  • What is Customer Relationship Management?
  • Benefits of CRM
  • CRM Process
  • What do Customer Relationship Managers do?
  • Examples of CRM

Product Management

In this free product management course, you will learn about what is product management and its benefits. To set the basis of product management, this free online course will talk about product life cycle, marketing mix, and various product management strategies. It will also enlighten the learner about the relevant product design, product leadership, and product innovation. Before summing up, you will also get an understanding of what a product manager is and what his roles and responsibilities are.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Product Management
  • What is Product Management?
  • Benefits of Product Management
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Marketing Mix
  • Product Management Strategy & Design
  • Product Leadership & Innovation
  • Role and Responsibility of a Product Manager
  • Lean in manufacturing
  • Summary for Product Management

Brand Management

With the entrepreneurial spirit taking over the world, it is only fair to incorporate brand management skills. In this free brand management course, you will learn about its importance, types, and different brand strategies you can implement to get a better outcome. Later in the course, you will also get clarity on how brand management is different from marketing, and why the terms product and brand cannot be used interchangeably.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Brand Management
  • What is Brand Management?
  • Why is Brand Management important?
  • Types of Brand Management
  • Brand Elements
  • Different Brand Strategies
  • Difference between Marketing and Brand Management
  • What is the difference between a Product and a Brand?
  • Role of a Brand manager

Human Resource Management

HRM is one of the most important parts of any organization out there to efficiently manage the people of the company and ultimately get a competitive advantage. This free HRM course will talk about the functions and evolution of HRM as well manpower planning and job analysis. It will also take you through the process of recruitment and selection. compensation and its benefits, training, and development, performance management, and employee engagement.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Summary
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction to HRM
  • Functions of HRM
  • Evolution of HRM
  • Manpower Planning
  • Job Analysis
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement

Operation Management

In this operations management course, we will learn about the concepts that are essential in the field. The course will cover lean aspects like lean manufacturing, lean systems, value, lean toolbox, and many other lean aspects. You will also get a free certificate by the end of this course once you clear the assessment.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Basics of Lean Systems
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • What is Value
  • Lean Enterprise, Lean enablers, and Lean toolbox
  • Lean Tools

Summing Up…

To sum up, you can become a management expert after taking up these management courses without burning a hole in your pocket. Start enrolling yourself today and make the most out of the free online courses today. You can also go ahead and get yourself enrolled in Executive PG Program in Management and learn the ins and outs of Management from the industry experts.

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