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Career Options after BCA in 2024

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Are you struggling with career options after BCA? Are you unable to decide between a job and post-graduation after BCA? BCA students often face the dilemma of making the right career choice after completing their graduate degrees. 

There are many career prospects available after BCA, including ample job opportunities and professional courses. Depending on what you choose, your career can take a different route to help you progress further. 

Best Career Option after BCA

Let us explore the best career options after BCA in both the private and public sectors along with their scope, earning potential and future career prospects –

  • Software developer trainee -The software developer job after BCA primarily involves the role of a trainee. A trainee is responsible for developing software while learning and getting hands-on practice in different computer languages. As soon as a software developer trainee becomes adept at a particular language, he is tasked to complete a relevant project. You can expect to earn anywhere between 3 and 4 LPA as a software trainee and polish your skills to get jobs with more earning potential.
  • Data scientistData scientist is a preferred job after BCA and this field is growing by leaps and bounds. You can enter this field with the help of additional certifications apart from your BCA such as data visualization, predictive analysis, big data, machine learning and so on. As a data scientist, your job will include tasks related to data visualizations, data mining, analyzing data using tools and software. The average basic salary of a data scientist starts at 8 LPA and may go up as per the specialization and skills. 
  • Bank operations -Banking is a lucrative sector and you can pursue a banking job after BCA which mostly includes technical roles. The digitization of the banking sector has opened up many jobs in both private and public sector banks. As you will acquire many skills during your job, you can expect your earning potential to grow as well. For private bank jobs, you can directly go for an interview whereas in the case of government and public sector banks such as SBI, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, Allahabad Bank, etc. you need to give an entrance examination followed by the interview. The bank examination requires thorough preparation in subjects such as logical reasoning, qualitative aptitude, finance, general knowledge and English. 
  • Technical analyst -A technical analyst is another interesting choice for a job after BCA. The responsibilities include implementing IT procedures and systems for efficiency, suggesting technological applications to reduce the cost, evaluate and monitor IT systems, making predictions on stock growth and so on. This job usually requires an additional certification such as SQL, knowledge of MS Office, etc. The average basic salary of a technical analyst starts at 7 LPA.
  • Web developer -BCA graduates can opt for web development as a solid career choice. The web developer job after BCA primarily involves the creation and maintenance of websites. Therefore, you may need additional skills or certifications such as JavaScript, HTML. PHP and CSS. The average basic salary of a web developer starts at 3 LPA.
  • E-commerce executive – E-commerce companies have opened up new avenues for BCA students with beneficial career prospects. As an e-commerce executive, you will be responsible for managing the company’s digital and retail presence. The average basic salary of an e-commerce executive starts at 3.6 LPA.
  • Teacher -If you possess subject-matter expertise and have an interest in teaching, then you can take up a teaching job after BCA. Many private institutions hire BCA graduates as teachers. Apart from that, you can also choose to teach online on various online teaching platforms. You can also tutor and give private tuition to the students. The salary generally corresponds to the number of hours of teaching, so it can be pursued part-time as well.  
  • Digital marketer -Digital marketing is a broad and fast-growing field that offers a plethora of career opportunities for BCA graduates. Roles and responsibilities usually include optimizing web content, marketing analytics, SEO optimization, content marketing, use of online tools such as WordPress, MailChimp and more. Apart from the BCA degree, hands-on practice and knowledge of online tools are highly desirable. 
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  • Cyber security expert -A job as a cyber security expert is a preferred option after BCA for many graduates. It is an emerging field with many jobs, especially in areas of social media cyber security for companies as well as individuals. As a cyber security expert, the job role involves networking, application and data security using sophisticated tools. 

In addition to the BCA degree, it is desirable to have certifications or knowledge of different tools such as Tableau, Spark, Kafka and Hbase. 

  • Government sector jobs -There are ample opportunities available for BCA students in the government sector. BCA degree holders can opt for entrance exams such as UPSC, SSC, CGL and more for a prestigious career. 
  • Public sector jobs – Many public sector jobs after BCA are available to deserving candidates and they usually do not require an entrance exam as well. Companies like Steel Authority of India, BHEL, etc. take BCA graduates for different profiles. 
  • Freelancing – Freelancing is another interesting career choice for BCA graduates. Many budget-conscious private companies hire freelancers who are experts in various programming languages. They are mostly hired on a project basis to help these companies set up their website portals and help optimize their digital strategy. This gives freedom to BCA degree holders to work from anywhere in the world or pursue freelancing part-time while studying further. 
  • Blockchain professional – Blockchain technology is a relatively new yet emerging sector that has many job opportunities for BCA professionals. You can join the blockchain industry as a blockchain developer or manager. The job role primarily involves working with tools of blockchain technology such as Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols, Java, Solidity and more. Blockchain experts work with the front end and decentralization of cryptocurrency, develop innovative solutions for blockchain demand and control, and so on. The average basic salary of a blockchain developer starts at around 6 LPA. Many leading companies like IBM and Accenture are hiring blockchain developers and managers. There is a serious shortage of skilled professionals in this field and salary is lucrative. Having a specialization or PG diploma in this field or prior knowledge of tools will increase the chances of being hired. 
  • Master’s or Post-graduate degree – For those who are looking to up-skill and gain more knowledge to meet the ever-evolving demands of the IT industry, they can pursue a postgraduate degree in the same field. Masters in Computer Applications or MCA is widely chosen after BCA to dig deeper into this field and gain expertise in computer applications. It is a two-year professional degree course that gives you the freedom to choose a specialization from areas of your interest such as hardware, MIS, internet, networking and so on. After MCA, you can expect to get an entry to mid-level positions such as Network engineer, System analyst, Software Engineer, etc. in top companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, etc.

All the Salary source is : Glassdoor

Apart from MCA, you can also opt for a Master’s degree in other leading disciplines such as business administration, information management, computer management or IT.

A Masters in Business Administration or MBA can be chosen to diversify your field and gain expertise in subjects like data science, marketing, operations and data analytics

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A Masters Degree in Information Management or MIM helps you to expand your horizon and learn about strategic aspects of computer science. 

A Masters degree in computer management or MCM enables students to understand key aspects of software programming, the changing culture of IT, fundamentals of E-commerce and more. 

A Master of Science in IT (MSc IT) is best if you want a career in software development. You will gain a thorough understanding of topics like data mining, analytics, object-oriented programming (OOP) and more. 

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  • Post-graduate diplomas or certifications – After BCA, students can also undertake post-graduate diploma courses or certifications to make a career in fields such as finance, marketing, management, IT, operations, data science and more. 

Some examples of leading post-graduate diploma courses to opt-out after BCA include Post Graduate Program in Corporate Studies (PGPCS), Diploma in Information Security Management (ISM), Postgraduate diploma in management (PGDM), Postgraduate diploma in digital marketing, PG diploma in business analytics (PGDBA) and PG diploma in computer applications (PGDCA). These PG diploma courses are from one year to two years depending on the subject. 

Apart from these, you can also opt for short-term certificate courses online or offline that will be an added advantage during interviews to help you get recruited in top companies and significantly improve your earning potential.  

Some of the best courses available for BCA graduates are JAVA, web development, SQL, cybersecurity, blockchain technology, Oracle, Tableau, data science, data analytics,  machine learning, artificial intelligence, Python, PHP, website design, digital marketing, networking, ethical hacking, affiliate marketing, android developer, big data and more. 

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