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Cloud Product Manager

A data science graduate can take a number of different paths. Cloud product manager is one of the most in-demand jobs right now. Data science and cloud computing are inextricably linked. Massive amounts of data are amassing in organizations, necessitating Cloud storage. It’s a feedback loop: the ability to store more and more data encourages the development of more digitally integrated products (for example, smart technology that connects more devices to the Internet of Things). And, the amount of data they collect grows to the point where it’s most convenient to store on the Cloud. As a result, Cloud product managers are in high demand.

Who is a Cloud Product Manager?

A cloud product manager is someone who recognizes the customer’s issue statement, understands his needs, and attempts to find the best solution. It is a rapidly growing market, and the cloud product manager must concentrate on the products, their design, code, and build, among other things. The product manager creates, strategizes, and oversees the product’s execution. It’s important to strike a balance between hard and soft skills.

Cloud Product Manager Job Description

The strategy, execution, and user comprehension are important aspects of the Cloud product manager’s job. People in this position manage existing and new products and services and research a product’s viability. Data science is something that cloud product managers should be well-versed in. This knowledge will aid them in improving existing items and developing whole new ones.

The Cloud product manager is critical in creating product needs and go-to-market strategies. They collaborate with a cross-functional team to develop a roadmap, specify features, and guarantee that the company they work for provides the best possible Cloud experience.

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Roles and Responsibilities

As a Cloud Product Manager, you will be responsible for managing existing products, services and developing and integrating new ones. You will undertake industry/market research as a Cloud Product Manager to identify product demand, positioning, and availability. You’d have to write formal business cases and product descriptions as a Cloud Product Manager.

Some of your tasks as a Cloud Product Manager might include:

  • Assist in the creation of product strategy.
  • Prepare business plans and strategies.
  • Responsible for the whole product life cycle, including the creation and maintenance of road maps.
  • Determine the needs of the market
  • Oversee the beta rollouts.

Cloud Product Manager Salary: Based on Company – A senior product manager’s pay at Oracle is estimated to be $131,000, ranging from $131,000 to $206,000. Similarly, a senior product manager at Amazon Web Services earns an average of $149,000 per year and may earn up to $268,000 per year.

Cloud Product Manager Salary: Based on Experience – According to Glassdoor, the predicted salary for entry-level Cloud product managers at Google in November 2020 is $55,000, but the average salary is $165,000, and the top end of the salary range is $254,000.

Cloud Product Manager Salary: Based on Skills – A Senior Product Manager with Cloud Computing skills earns an average of $151238 a year.

Skills Required to be a Cloud Product Manager

RESPONSIBILITY – A product manager is solely accountable for the success of their goods. He has a lot of obligations on his shoulders, and he must concentrate on the needs of the clients and what they desire in a certain product. Also, such improvements that attract clients must be considered to increase sales. As the company grows, the product manager’s responsibilities change to focus on what’s most important to the product’s success.

ANALYSIS – A cloud product manager must determine what issues are causing problems for customers. He must grasp the intricacies and go into the specifics of the situation. He must consider modifying a specific area for the product to succeed.

EMPOWERING TEAMWORK – Collaboration with others is critical; a cloud product manager is a crucial and noteworthy talent. Every organization seeks someone who can effectively manage and lead the entire staff. A superb product manager successfully and efficiently coordinates the operations of others. After all, it’s a team effort, and everyone needs to rely on others to get the job done. He should also remain calm and composed, as teamwork is a job that frequently results in confrontations.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS – A cloud product manager must communicate well with customers to connect with them and determine the exact nature of the problem. As a result, this problem-solving mindset is in high demand for this position. The person should communicate well so that others can comprehend the product, its uses, and how it works.

BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE – They should also have a strong business perspective, as understanding the customers’ problems is not enough. He must also consider whether the corporation makes a profit from this; after all, this is the company’s primary motivation.

TECHNOLOGY ENTHUSIASM – Without technology or knowledge of technology, a person is insufficient or unskilled for any position in any type of firm in today’s world. The product manager is continuously thinking about what’s next and figuring out the WHY is at the heart of what they do.

A Day in the Life of a Cloud Product Manager

When others are involved in the choice, it is easier to influence them.

Integrating your development teams and other teams early in the discovery process fosters unity in purpose and collective ownership. Including a research analyst early in defining a product can make them feel like it is their creation. I appreciate how it transforms a good team into a fantastic, high-performing unit. Using a tried-and-true collaborative product discovery and delivery methodology that involves the entire team in delivery and discovery leads to a higher-quality product and, more significantly, product-market fit.

Prioritize time for yourself to be motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated. I understand that it appears to be the polar opposite of dedication, yet we are both mistaken. It is critical to our dedication that we take a break. First thing in the morning, don’t look at your phone. Put the laptop away early in the evening. Pay attention to those around you. Make time during the week to get your favorite treat, go for a bike ride, or take a stroll around the park. Why are we so eager to work late into the evening to answer emails or write a blog yet so hesitant to take a 30-minute break during the day? How often do we give up our lunch hour to accommodate something that may have waited until the next day or week?

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How to Become a Cloud Product Manager?

Product managers are typically mid-level positions, requiring three to five years of professional experience, and are not positions that a graduate would enter right out of college.

A product manager’s career path typically begins with a junior position in business, operations, or engineering, progresses to project manager or program manager, and then to product manager. To obtain experience, several individuals begin their careers with cloud computing firms.

Tech organizations and hiring managers search for people with a background in computer science or data science when hiring for Cloud product management positions. Because the product is fundamentally the storage and arrangement of data, managing Cloud product teams necessitates a thorough understanding of data science.

The interview process will include a series of interviews in which the candidate will be tested on their analytical skills, customer empathy, business acumen, and technical knowledge. Graduates of the University of Virginia’s Master of Science in Data Science program have gone on to work for IBM, Twitter, and Amazon, among other companies.

What are The Advantages of a Cloud Product Manager Course?

A course will help you hone the skills needed to be a cloud product manager. The curriculum is designed to be self-paced, and the modules have examples to make the learning process easy. Great Learning offers certification programs where the course covers everything from basics to advanced topics needed to become a skilled professional.


What could cloud product managers do?

You’ll perform market and industry research to assess product demand, positioning, and availability. Assist in the creation of product strategy.

What are the top 3 skills required?

Analytical and critical thinking abilities. This is a must-have for any Product Manager.

Leadership qualities are vital for supporting and encouraging your team, just as they are for any managerial position.


What is a cloud product?

Amazon Web Services provides a wide range of cloud-based services, including computation, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, Internet of Things (IoT), security, and enterprise applications. These services enable businesses to move more quickly, reduce IT costs and grow.

How can you be a cloud product manager?

You can become a product manager by acquiring the right skills and technical abilities.

What are the different challenges faced by a product manager?

Time Constraints Are Overwhelming.

The temptation to be a reactive product manager rather than a proactive one could pose a challenge.

In product management, there is a lack of control.

There’s a conflict between your short-term and long-term product management goals.


There is sometimes a misunderstanding about the roles of a cloud product manager and a product owner. The product manager is in charge of the mission, vision, high-level problems, and the definition of success. On the other hand, the product owner breaks down and controls day-to-day activities, converts the vision into day-to-day activities, and manages requirements based on the higher-level purpose and vision. It became difficult for the product manager to manage – balancing the needs of the user experience with the necessity to produce something realistic and meet a business need. There is no single correct response to what a product manager does in a single term. ‘It’s not black and white, but many shades of grey,’ someone added.

1 Source: GreatLearning Blog

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