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Entire program is curated in a way that helps implement learnings collectively – Vatsala Padmanabhan, PGP DSBA



I currently work as a consultant in an Accounting and Advisory Organization and have a total experience of 3.5 years. My domain deals with the analysis of client data and the presentation of observations and trends to the client. I was looking at various programs to enhance my knowledge in Data Science and wanted to understand it better. When I initially spoke with the SPOC from Great Learning, I thought this would be the best course that would meet my needs. I felt the program would give me the time I require to understand every module better and introduce me to the world of Data Science and Business Analytics.

During the pandemic, it was difficult to look for an offline program, and hence adapting to an online environment was not a new concept. But I had my apprehensions about the effectiveness and the learning outcomes of an online program. But the entire team made the process easy, and everything, including the guidance to download relevant software, addressing queries/errors while running the codes, doubts concerning the assignment and course, etc., were handled very well, and at the end of the program, I’m satisfied. The online medium has helped me discover a lot on my own, which has strengthened my understanding.

The entire journey involved a lot of hard work, patience, and replication of the new skills learned over the weeks. It was quite challenging as a working professional as there are also deadlines to be met at work. The team at Great Learning was very understanding of the same and helped me on various occasions when it became difficult to juggle both together. The entire program has been curated in a way that helps one learn each module in phases and implement the learnings collectively in the respective end assessment project.

The mentoring sessions were the most important sessions, an example is demonstrated, which helps in understanding the codes, outcomes, and the analysis to draw from the output better. It also acts as a revision to the recordings. The mentors have played a huge role by always helping me in case of any clarifications during the session and anytime after that too. The insights and recommendations suggested by them helped in learning and understanding modules better.

My suggestion will be if you want to pursue analytics, do the research required from your side, and understand which course would be beneficial for you and suit your needs. Once you enroll in a course, you’ll figure out your timelines and will be able to complete the course. Analytics is the current big thing, and it is important to know and learn about it! Don’t hesitate. Put on your thinking caps right away.

0 Source: GreatLearning Blog

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