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Implementing Organizational Leadership – Alan Cajes


Future Leaders Programme by the National University of Singapore in collaboration with Great Learning is the most comprehensive program curated to facilitate its learners to be equipped and successful leaders of tomorrow. The program has been testified by several learners who were able to excel in their careers with the program’s help.

Alan Cajes, one of the former learners of the program, writes in his review about how the program aided him in accelerating his career. He was motivated to take up the program to learn about the latest and updated techniques and trends relevant to the market. Alan writes in his review that,

“My main motivations in taking the FLP are to affirm what I have learned about leadership, discard lessons that are no longer relevant or are already outdated, and learn new insights, tools, and practices in leadership.”

The program’s curriculum is carefully structured to allow the individual’s holistic growth. The lectures are taken by the brilliant faculty of the National University of Singapore. The program enables the learners to apply the theories to real-world problems with the help of a hands-on project. Appreciating the design and structure of the program, Alan writes that,

“Going through the FLP was one of the most exciting learning journeys I have ever done. The program is arranged such that one can track progress in becoming a better version of oneself, i.e., as a person and as a leader. The lectures are concise and structured so that they give me “nourishment” rather than a deluge of concepts, ideas, and techniques. The group discussions and projects aid in the learning process, especially in the practical application of tools and concepts. The learning platform is world-class yet easy to use and navigate.”

The Future Leaders Programme is a great way to accelerate your career. The program helps you develop essential skills which help you become an efficient manager and a successful leader. As for Alan,

“As someone who performs a leadership role in our organization, I have started integrating the lessons learned in my various transactions. I gain more confidence, and I look forward to coaching our emerging leaders in the organization.”

The program is best suited for both beginners and working professionals. The comprehensively designed structure of the program strives to bring out the best in you in terms of relevant skills and expertise required to excel in your career. 

Alan recommends the program and writes that,

“The program is highly recommended for both managers and leaders who are “beginners” or “advanced” in terms of experience. This is the kind of program I should have taken when I was new in the organization. It exceeded my expectations.”

Source: GreatLearning Blog

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