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Mentored learning sessions are outstanding – Anantha Srinivasa, PGP AIFL


I am Anantha Srinivasa from Kerala and now settled in Mumbai. I am an Automobile Professional with over 24+ years of experience. My career started as a GET from M/s. Simpson & Co Ltd of Amalgamations Group and served for 10 years(Senior Service Engineer) in Technical and later Joined M/s. Ashok Leyland ltd of Hinduja Group in Sales (Divisional Manager) handled all challenges in all segments. Both the above companies have given me rich experience and industry exposure.   

Currently working for M/s. Research Wire Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd as Associate Vice President-Client Relations-North America. We are into Patents and Intellectual Properties.

I have vast experience in Automobiles as Techno-Commercial but more into Mechanical and Sales part. Though I had a brief exposure in the IT side, it was not to the extent of pace with which its applications are driving globally. As an individual, I have an appetite for learning more and exploring new things; hence I have chosen a Great learning platform for learning more in AI and ML. 

At my level, I hadn’t any professional challenges, but looking at many revolutions happening in Electric Vehicles, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, I thought that I should be up to date on the developments, current understandings, and future-ready. This only purely drove me to opt for your course.  

While I was searching for many online courses on this, I had come across Great Learning and attended introductory sessions, which was found to be the one I needed the most.

Great Learning’s collaborations with Texas University, excellent & Elite Faculty, and reputation also made me prefer to go ahead. Some of my colleagues from Ashok Leyland, who are your earlier students, also suggested I go ahead.

 After joining, looking at the course content, I thought that I had landed in the wrong place. However, the fear and dilemma got dispelled as the course progressed. The study material has been arranged in such a way that the same can be easily absorbable, and the Faculty has played a key in addressing the issues on a one-to-one basis and through periodic industry sessions. One can glide through the course content easily and seamlessly. Course content videos of Faculty are the real contributors to my Learning. Overall it was a good experience. 

Mentored learning sessions are outstanding and mostly friendly and interactive, and many doubts could be solved. Recorded sessions also really helped me learn the content at my pace.

Mentors have played a great role in clearing the doubts, and the sessions are mostly at our pace of Learning.  

My Analytical abilities have far improved. Exposure to Azure ML studios Amazon Web Services is a really unique and great experience from Big Data, Cloud Computing, and BlockChain. I am able to follow any content fully on any article / Publications/ Videos on AI and ML.

The advice I would give to people who are just starting with learning analytics is to be passionate about learning and to discover more. Be future-ready not only for professionals but also personally, so that you will never get a feeling of “get lost.”                                         

AIFL Capstone Experience

This idea emanated from many marketplace apps like Amazon and Flipkart, which are major facilitators and players in business but no factories. My domain experience in Automobiles and Commercial vehicles made me suggest an idea in those lines. However, my other group members helped to funnel down the exact idea to work upon. Also, my Domain exposure is useful in understanding the issues of the forthcoming Big Revolution in the Electric Vehicle segment and associate services. Since I have exposure to connected vehicles, we could foresee any issues with this revolution.  

There were no Pain points during my capstone project due to my domain knowledge, and exposure to commercial vehicles has really helped us to understand what exactly the issue is and what are details we need to look for. This is where “Great Learning” teachings have added value to form the workflow of the App and data processing needs, Hot Zones, and a plethora of possibilities.  

It gave me a sense of Entrepreneurship and made me be in the shoes of a Designer, an Entrepreneur, A customer, a charging station owner, etc. so that the issues and requirements could be understood well.  

 The impact in terms of personal and professional growth that I observed after completion of the capstone project is Value addition and Commercial Viability. I had good exposure and learned many analytical skills.    

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