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Navigating the Clouds: A Fresher’s Success Story in Tech

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My name is Hemanth Singh N. I completed my graduation degree in Computer Science and Engineering (BE) in 2023. In this case, I’m quite a fresher in the technical industry, and on that note, I pretty much have some basic knowledge of this technical field and can maneuver things that a company needs from one person. I was a student and learning things to skill up that which is required by the company needs. 

Each and every person has his own dream to achieve and is built differently. In my case, I would like to get into the cloud and need to achieve a Cloud role or badge in my lifetime in a multinational company. With this, there are some important things to do which will not be revealed. This is what it takes to challenge and achieve things. 

I chose the Great Learning platform based on my personal decision, and I even got a review from an ex-Great Learning student who did the Data Analyst course here and in person. He is one of the best known friends I can say. When it comes to apprehensions about learning in an online medium, I don’t feel anything like that. 

A mentored learning session is one of the crucial sessions in all the platforms. I would really recommend that everyone should not miss this session or opportunity. Coming to the Great Learning mentored learning session, I can say that I really learned many things in the mentored session, and it even became revision to me after watching every content of that week especially. 

I would really encourage this mentored learning session. The quality of teaching, clearing the doubts, knowledge on particular things, and many use case examples to share are very important to us for getting success in that concept. I don’t have many comments on mentors so far, as per my guess they probably have 15+ years of experience in this cloud field, and that is what makes the quality mentored learning session a great success. 

The role of mentors in my success is their support and quality teaching. The information they share with us gives us many ideas for business use cases. At the end of the day, how well we have learned the concept matters a lot. 

Well, most of the things were new to me, even having a computer science background we can not consider that everything is learnt, just the basic things to understand for the future purpose will be just taught. But when I joined Cloud computing course in Great Learning platform, I have learnt many new things and even have certain kinds of business use case ideas so I can apply in my near future. Most of the things were new and I really enjoyed learning all those concepts. 

Everything has a good start, just don’t lose hope. I highly suggest each and everyone to go through the documentation. At the end of the day this documentation really helps you a lot and will keep you on track in your career. Last but not the least, practice and consistency matter a lot. 

Source: GreatLearning Blog

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