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Top Reasons to study Sports Management in 2022

Sports Management

Although the market value of the sports industry declined from $458.8 billion in 2019 to $388.3 billion in 2020 at a rate of -15.4%, the ease in lockdowns has got it back on its track. And now, the sports industry market value is expected to hit $599.9 billion by 2025 and $826.0 billion by 2030. (Statistics as mentioned by Yahoo Finance).

  1. What is sports management?
  2. Top reasons to pursue a career in sports management

What is Sports Management?

Sports Management is a study of essential skills, including directing, planning, organizing, budgeting, controlling, evaluating, and leading, required to manage a professional sports team, franchise, or athlete in the sports industry.

Sports management
Sports management

So, if you are passionate about sports and willing to make a profession/business out of it, this career path will be the right fit for you. And that is why I suggest to you the Bachelor in Business Program by Deakin University, Australia, in association with the Great Lakes Institute of Management, which offers sports management as one of its specializations. 

Take a look at a few reasons why you can consider sports management as a career option.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Sports Management

There are various reasons why one can take up a career in this domain, and listed down are a few promising reasons that can promote you to take up this career path.

1. Job Opportunities

A sports management degree can open up various opportunities for you in the sports industry. You can take up positions as

Sports Agent Contract Analyst Corporate Partnerships Manager
Sports Marketer Facility Operations Manager Marketing Coordinator
Athletic Director Marketing Consultant Contract Analyst
Marketing Consultant

2. Growing Industry

As we mentioned earlier, the sports industry is projected to grow at a good pace in the forthcoming years. There has been tremendous growth in the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and France. 

And in countries like Australia, the sports industry has grown 1.9% every year on average between 2017 and 2022, as per Ibisworld.com

3. High Payout

In Australia, a sports management professional with a Bachelor’s degree can warm upto AUD 61,000/year on average. But if you are lucky enough to handle teams in bigger leagues at international and national levels, your payout will be in millions of dollars. Let me give you some examples of the highest-paid sports managers from the world-famous English Premier League.

  1. Pep Guardiola- Manchester City- $ 26,136,100/year
  2. Jurgen Klopp-Liverpool FC- $ 19,591,275/year
  3. Antonio Conte-Tottenham Hotspur- $ 16,976,635/year
A sports manager having a word with this team
A sports manager having a word with this team

Sounds lucrative, doesn’t it? That’s the potential awaiting a skilled sports management professional out there in the real world.

4. Following your Passion

A sports management degree will give you the platform to try out various opportunities available in the domain of sports. You will be able to involve yourself at the core level of the game, and at the same time manage the overall aspects like performance, training, budgets, etc. of the entire team/player.

5. Flexibility in Choosing Career Path

As you would have seen in the Job opportunities section, there are different job profiles available to choose from after a sports management degree. This highlights the fact that we can choose the desired career path based on our interests. 

For example, if you are more inclined toward handling a sports team, this degree will give you the essential managerial skill to effectively handle one. Or, if you want to work as an agent or public relations manager, this degree can help you in that too. Overall, this career path will open doors for you to deal with anything related to sports/team/athlete management.

6. If you Love to Travel, this Career Path Might be your Ticket

If you love visiting new places, traveling to new countries, etc., this might be just the right career path for you. The majority of job profiles in the sports industry require professionals to travel with the team/athletes to keep an overall track of the team.

So if you are in for an active lifestyle, sports management can help you be on your toes. Or, if you are looking for a serene lifestyle with not much traveling activity required, this career path facilitates that too; like handling a sports venue, becoming a consultant, or even a sports marketer.

7. Giving Back More to the Community

The skills and knowledge imparted during the management training will help you handle the volunteering activities that can encourage fitness and promote the rising talents from smaller towns to make it big in sports.

If you’ve set your goals to pursue this line of work, you must be prepared for irregular paychecks, hours, etc., as community work can get a bit stressful. But, if you are already aware of these facts and would like to do more for your community in sports, then this is the career for you.

Concluding Thoughts

If the sports management career path looks like a promising option for you, you will require a degree to begin in this domain. As mentioned earlier, the Bachelor in Business Program by Deakin University, Australia, in association with the Great Lakes Institute of Management, can provide you with international exposure and makes you a seasoned professional by providing the right skills and knowledge to pursue this career path.

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