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You are just one step away from changing your life – Saurabh Sinha, PGP DSBA



I believe before making any life-changing decision in our life, we always think a thousand times and are just one step away from the change. The same was the case with me until I took the final step of enrolling for the PGP- Data Science and Business Analytics Course and going through the best learning curve. I am Saurabh Sinha, an ECE B.Tech grad with 4 years of experience as a Digital Specialist. I have always been passionate about digital marketing and data science since my B.Tech. I got a chance to start my professional career in the digital marketing domain. However, I was still waiting for a fusion with Data Science as digital and data can be the most interesting thing to work on. During the early phase of the pandemic, I decided to utilize my time effectively and hence enrolled myself in the 1-year executive PGP DSBA course at Great Learning.

The decision was not that easy and simple, provided what the world was going through. However, after a lot of research and comparisons, I found GL to be the best in class and enrolled in the online program. I don’t think I made the wrong choice choosing GL, as the journey from the very first day until the final day was flawless. Right from the start, you will be tagged along with a program manager to whom you can reach out with any questions related to the course. The curriculum, videos, mentor sessions, capstone, and career guidance are exactly what you might be hoping for once you take that final step.  

I must mention that the journey was full of personal and professional challenges. You have to make up your mind, and only with full dedication and sheer will, the completion of the course would be possible. The curiosity to know and learn new concepts kept the fire alive in me. 

There is no success without your mentor’s support. I would really like to thank Animesh Tiwari and Surya Prakash Sir for their top-notch, best-in-class mentorship throughout the program and capstone project. Their role made a huge difference in my great learning and kept me on top of the table throughout. Also, I can’t thank Rishabh Vashishtha enough, my program manager, who showed an exemplary track of effort and helped throughout the course by answering my questions and guiding me the right way. He was very humble and polite and tried to provide flexibility while adhering to the learning guidelines.

The one huge difference before and after this course was that prior to this course, I used to know the data, and after this course, I was able to understand and transform it in an effective way and feel more confident to understand a variety of datasets. Also, I was successfully able to implement my learning at my work, and that made a big difference, and I was able to accomplish what I had always wished for ( digital marketing plus data science). 

My advice to any learner would be to be mentally prepared to face any kind of challenge (especially time crunch) and just to focus on the target of learning and completing the course successfully. Keep practicing and learning, and you will be able to share your helpful and inspiring story with others.

Source: GreatLearning Blog

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