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6 Evergreen Reels By Creators That Show Their Love For Hrithik Roshan

Honestly, Instagram has become a platform of celebration if you’ve not noticed. Let us refresh your memory on this. Very recently, ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham‘ completed 20 years in the Hindi cinema, and a lot of creators celebrated this moment through Reels. It just made us go down the nostalgic road while watching them create content. Similarly, it’s the heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan’s birthday today and we chose a few creators who’ve made Reels on his movie audios to show their love for him. So, scroll down to see ‘em!

Let Us Make You Fall In Love With His ‘Jaddu‘!

1. Prajakta Koli

If you don’t know let us tell you, MostlySane’s celebrity crush is Hrithik Roshan. She’s a huge fan and at a point of time in her life she was surprised by Hrithik himself and her reaction was just so priceless. Her reaction was exactly how she’s portraying in the above Reel when you see him for the first time!

2. Manav Chhabra

Mnv as Hrithik or Mnv as Rohan? We think both! This iconic, as well as famous dialogue from ‘K3G‘, has our heart. We’re defo impressed by how Manav has not missed a word while lip-syncing this tongue twister. Let’s not miss out on the fact that his outfit is so apt to the audio. And yes, he finally did it, hahha.

3. Ashi Khanna

We totally agree with Ashi’s caption here! She defo had her K3G moment in Paris. She looks super P.H.A.T here with just the right feels of Poo from the movie. This ‘Franc-y’ Reel makes us wanna watch the movie all over again. Ugh, also we also can’t stop obsessing over her outfit here.

4. Kritika Khurana

We love how Kritika has added such a soothing song for her OOTD Reel from Hrithik’s movie. It’s just giving us the right feels of this white outfit! She never misses adding her boho touch and that’s why we’re always hooked to her feed. Also, those twirls at the end just enhanced this Reel up by a notch.

5. Rahill Mehta

Woah, this Reel really made us remember our childhood days. It consists of 5 amazinggg nostalgic songs from Hrithik’s movie. Also, his fab movies and killer transitions made us save this Reel in giffy. This forgotten songs edition defo made us add these songs to our playlists, wbu? P.S: Rahill we wanna watch a new forgotten songs edition super soon!

6. Rhea Gurnani

Damn, looking at Rhea dancing on the dapper song, ‘Bang Bang‘ makes us wanna groove too. Her choreography looks super chic and classy with a lot of sass. Also, we love the fact how colour coordinated this Reel is with everything white. Rhea, please give us some dancing tips as well, hehe. We must say, her moves are no less than Hrithik’s!

Yay, here are some creators who created Reels on the audios of Hrithik’s movies. We just have one word for all of them, LOVE. We really hope creators keep jumping on such birthday trends and Reels as it’s super entertaining and gripping. Lastly, wishing the super handsome and talented buoy Hrithik Roshan a very happy birthday. On a side note, we request you to stay home amidst the number of rising cases and mask-up.

Source: MissMalini

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