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6 Reels By Melvin Louis That’re Totally Giving Us A Desi Vibe

You can’t talk about dance without mentioning the name Melvin Louis, can you? They both go hand in hand and there’s no denying that. Dance is a huge industry in itself and he has managed to make a space for himself in it. We love how he always gets us grooving to his cool routines and leaves us hooked to every one of them. Tbh, his desi dance videos are a total vibe and we love how he nails ‘em all! Here’s a list of some of his videos on desi tunes that have caught our attention and now we can’t help but watch them on loop. Scroll down to know more.

Here we go…

1. Own Brand Freestyle

Damn, freestyle with a twist of Kathak, who’d have thought? Well, Melvin here along with Lalita Soni didn’t just think about it but absolutely killed it with this routine! Honestly, we love how graceful this choreography is.

2. Sajna

This dance trend on the peppy track ‘Sajna‘ has been taking over the ‘gram lately and this Reel on the same has defo raised the bar for this trend. Also, aren’t their outfits just making this video even more beautiful?

3. Maahi Ve

Tbh, this Reel is totes giving us a nostalgic vibe. ‘Maahi Ve’ is not just a song, it’s a feeling and we’re sure you all agree with us. We love how Melvin has managed to do justice to this classic tune with his dance routine. Ngl, we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve watched this Reel, hehe.

4. Saajanji Ghar Aaye

Continuing with the classics, here’s another one adding to our nostalgia. This Reel is our absolute fave! Can you really blame us if we can’t help but watch this one on loop? Brb, saving this routine for the ‘shaadi szn‘!

5. Tera Bina Beswadi

Okay, let’s just be honest here. Melvin doing Kathak has a whole new fanbase of its own and we are defo at the top of it. Kathak manages to bring out his graceful side that we absolutely love. It is so calming to watch him move so effortlessly to every beat and set a mood.

6. Raanjhana

Saving the best for last, this song is our absolute fave, and Melvin dancing to it is just the icing on the cake. The energy in this video is so contagious that it has got us tapping our feet every time we’ve watched it. We loveee how he enjoys every routine and honestly, it just makes the video even more fun to watch.

So these were a few of our favorites from Melvin’s desi dance Reels. Dance sure is his happy place and it definitely shows on his face, haina? Watching his videos have always been a treat you don’t want to miss out on and these ones somehow have managed to make a special place in our hearts. On a different note, we hope you guys are keeping safe and are taking all the necessary precautions against Covid-19.

Source: MissMalini

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