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7 Creator Collaborations That Gave Us The Chills Of Excitement

Don’t we all love when creators come together to create unique and creative content? Instagram did read our minds and introduced one of the best features that is not only enjoyed by the influencers but also by the audience. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about the ‘COLLAB’ feature. The collab feature gives creators an opportunity to team up with other creators physically as well as virtually. Therefore, we thought of curating a special list of all the unexpected yet amazing creator collaborations that probably took you by surprise too.

Check out these creator collabs :

1. Mr. Faisu & Lauren Gottlieb

Now, we know what happens jab Bollywood meets Hollywood, hehe!  A collab that we did not see coming. Mr. Faisu and Lauren legit burned the streets on fire with their #Ooantavaooooantava thumkas making us scream once more out loud. Well, this defo was a collab we did not know we needed!

2. Sonal Devraj & Be YouNick

Gosh, how many hidden talents does Be YouNick have? Watching him dance with Sonal was quite a ‘WOW’ moment for us! This collab was probably the most unexpected surprise that we loved. We love how they have such great chemistry and those moves were so god damn smooth!

3. Masoom Minawala & Aashi Khanna

Masoom Minawala and Ashi Khanna’s #BossLady collab surely raised the temperatures of our ‘gram high. From their confidence to their transition, everything looks  Well, you have to agree with us that every bit of this Reel is stunning and absolute loveee!

4. Nagma Mirajkar & Ankush Bahuguna

It’s safe to say that this was an epic collab! Well, Ankush and Nagma quite literally prove the statement of ‘collaboration over competition’ true in the digital space. Lastly, we loved how Ankush took the lead in the end and does the ‘chhaiyaan’ step so perfectly.

5. Prajakta Koli & Sejal Kumar

Raise your hand if you also feel like grooving now! Prajakta and Sejal collaborated, jumped on the viral dance trend and simply aced it. Watching these two ladies in one frame only makes us say, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.  

6. Sejal Kumar & Aashna Hegde

From recreating super model outfits to jumping on trends this duo collabs are one of our faves. Sejal and Aashna are dynamic creators who never fail to surprise us with their extraordinary talent and content.

7. Kusha Kapila & Niharika NM

When boss babes collab, you know it’s gonna be awesome, isn’t it? It would be a crime if we would not have mentioned Kusha and Niharika NM on our list. These girls take the level of entertainment a notch higher when they collaborate. Now, you can’t blame us if we comment moreeeee.

These creative, unique and unexpected creator collabs really kept us hooked to our screens and the collab feature craving for more. We already can’t wait to see what more do these creators have in store for us. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending to know more about your favourite influencers and content creators!

Source: MissMalini

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