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7 Instagram Filters So Good, You’ll Probably Love To Save Them All Right Away

Hellu, we’re back again with 7 new Instagram filters to turn your Friday into Fri-yay. Honestly, we can’t stop gushing over these newfound filters that have totes transformed our selfie game for good. We can’t stop using these filters to add an oomph factor to our daily life and we’re sure y’all will love to use these right away too. Tbh, we’re super grateful to the creators who made these and gave us such gems to have a fun selfie sesh with. Now, scroll your way through these amaze filters and save them already.

Check ’em out!

1. Monday – liv by @sarini.singh

liv by @sarini.singh

Monday calls for a fresh start and this filter really makes you look super fresh, hehe. It adds a natural sun-kissed glow to the face, making it look like you got no filter on and that’s simply wow, right?

2. Tuesday – B&W paper texture by @hasancontractor

B&W paper texture by @hasancontractor

Black & white pictures are simply a vibe, aren’t they? This monochrome filter can truly be your go-to for any day of the week ‘cuz it’s just stunning. Ngl, this one is a great option to use on a Tuesday when getting through the week starts feeling a lil‘ tough, haha.

3. Wednesday – India@75 by @hardiksave01

India@75 by @hardiksave01

‌It’s always good to keep checking how well you know your country and this filter will tell you just that. It’s a fun game that’ll test your general knowledge regarding India and also reveal how much attention you paid in your History and Civics class back in school. (Haha, caught you!)

4. Thursday – Aesthetic Heat by @saetenation

Aesthetic Heat by @saetenation

Not gonna lie, we really need some ‘aesthetic heat’ to counter the chilly winds this winter, hehe. While we wait for summer to dawn upon us, you should totes save this filter to click endless golden-hour selfies at any time of the day, isn’t that just amazing?

5. Friday – Retro Red by @smitkevadia

Retro Red by @smitkevadia

This filter really got those retro vibes and we absolutely love it. Using this filter is an easy way to transport back to the 80’s and get some classic stills for your photo album. We’re defo saving this one for countless selfie sessions.

6. Saturday – Cute *Vibe* by @sandhyaraghav2020

Cute *Vibe* by @sandhyaraghav2020

As the name suggests, this filter really got some cute vibes and we’ve already added this to one of our faves list too. We love it for its simplicity and how easily it amps-up a selfie in no time. This one is definitely a save-worthy filter for those effortless selfies.

7. Sunday – somethin’ else* by @amel.711

somethin’ else* by @amel.711

What better filter than one which makes it look like the sun’s bright outside, on a ‘Sun’day! Haha, sorry for that bad joke. But seriously, isn’t this filter too good? We love how it adds the sun-kissed effect to our selfie as if it’s the golden hour outside.

Well, these were the set of filters we had for you this week and we think you should totes try them out already. On a side note, we hope y’all are safe and vaccinated. Please go out only if really necessary.

Source: MissMalini

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