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7 Reels By Anisha Dixit That Reminded Us Of Our Younger Version

While everyone has a unique taste of watching different things, we all love Reels that take us back to most of our childhood memories and remind us of those good old days. Anisha Dixit is a popular content creator who does exactly that! Wondering how? Well, she is blessed with talent and creativity that results in all sorts of quirky content. In many of her Reels, she plays the character of a young child basically a younger version of Anisha, trust us this content of her will end up making you reminisce your childhood memories. So, check out these extremely relatable Reels which will make you say…take me back in time.

Get ready to go on a nostalgic ride…

1. It’s time to study…maybe?

You can’t lie about this ‘cuz we’ve all done it when we were young. This is one such real-life transition that we all are a pro at, amirite? Well, Anisha took 5 seconds to switch from studying to scrolling for us it would be just 2 seconds, hehe.

2. Chiddiya Udd

If you haven’t played this game with your friends when you were kids, then we must say your childhood was boring and a big scam. The number of times we have made random things fly is just too hilarious. Tbh, even now sometimes we end us making the elephant fly, oops!

3. Pranks on point

Raise your hand if you have asked this trick question to your friends, we sure have both hands up. We can’t stop watching this video of Anisha because it’s too adorable. Moreover, it’s also relatable because it reminds us of those good old times when we used prank and do silly things with our besties.

4. Inside jokes & laughs

C’mon no matter what our age is we always will have inside jokes with our besties. Watching this Reel by Anisha refreshed our memory and made us call our BFF and laugh out loud for hours on jokes we made when we were kids.

5. Understanding ALGEBRA is still a mystery

This Reel will bring tears in your eyes but this time of laughter, hehe! Lol, remember how we used to sob after getting a yelling from our father for failing in Algebra. We can’t stop nodding our heads in agreement, sending virtual towels to Anisha to wipe her tears. 😛

6. Faking ‘mein ghar jhod ke ja rahi hu’

Haven’t we all said this line with full confidence a number of times when we were kids? The funny part is that every time we said it like Anisha in no time we also changed our decision. For Anisha, it was a lizard, what about you?

7. Bachpan ka pyaar

Anisha jumped on the ‘bachpan ka payaar’ viral audio and gave it a quirky twist by naming some cartoons. Here’s a confession, we haven’t forgotten our ‘bachpan ka pyaar’ ’cause we still binge-watch cartoons in our free time, relatable enough?  

It’s amazing how Anisha manages to recreate such memorable incidents and create content from our childhood day, waking the child in us. On that note, wishing Anisha Dixit a very happy birthday and we hope she always keeps the bubbly child in her alive. Also, everyone reading this article please stay safe and take care!

Source: MissMalini

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