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Exclusive! Shivangi Khedkar On Her First Audition: ‘I Started At 11 AM & At 7 In The Evening I Gave An Okay Take’

Shivangi Khedkar became a household name after her show Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali went on air. Her chemistry with co-star Sai Ketan Rao was so appreciated and loved that even today, after the show has went-off air a couple of moths ago, the duo still receives the same affection. I also adore these two together and as they got into a conversation with MissMalini recently, I got to know them a little better.

During the conversation, Shivangi spoke about how her inclination towards acting happened, and after hearing her story, I feel more connected to her as it is so relatable.

She shares,

“I guess it was somewhere always inside me that I wanted to be in the creative field, but I was very shy and I have always been an introvert. In childhood, I would copy Madhuri Dixit dancing, so the inclination was there since then. It was when I was in engineering and social media was booming, people were talking about feminism and such thing, so I thought that even I should go to my dad and talk to him about my aspirations. So, I told him but he wasn’t okay with it initially.”

Shivangi Khedkar (Source: Instagram | @khedkarshivangi)

But it’s the story of her first audition that really takes the cake and I am so fascinated by it. But hearing it has also made me believe that what is destined to happen, will.

Shivangi revealed,

“I remember my first audition was during my second year of engineering, for which I came all the way from Pune, which my parents don’t know about. I told my mom that I was going to college and I will get a little late. I thought I will leave early and come back early. So, I left from Pune around 5 AM taking a bus. I reached Malad and as a force of habit from Pune, I just told the rickshaw driver the name of the building but he had no idea. We were circling around Inorbit mall and then I called the casting director, Nazia, and finally reached their office.”

Shivangi Khedkar as Pallavi in Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali (Source: Instagram | @khedkarshivangi)

The actress adds,

“I was nervous and performed so badly. I started giving audition at 11 AM and at 7 in the evening I gave an okay take. I felt like I will be dead as my college used to get over at 6 and I’d reach home by 7 usually, but that day I reached home around midnight. My mom asked me where I was and I just said that I was just chilling with friends. Then she opened my bag and saw the ticket. She asked me what it was and I said nothing, but as mothers do, she acted like she didn’t know. As for the audition, it  was so bad that Nazia even put it up on YouTube.”

Ever since I have heard it, my search to find that video on YouTube has started extensively. But no matter what, seeing the promise she showed on screen and the love she has received, I feel glad that she finally took the plunge towards acting as it is what she is destined to do. It’s just onwards and upwards for Shivangi.  

Source: MissMalini

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