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Filter Friday: 7 Trending Instagram Filters You Probably Don’t Wanna Miss Out On

Hola folks! It’s Friday and we’re back with 7 amazing filters that will have you hooked to clicking selfies this week. Ngl, exploring fun filters and curating a list that you can play around with to step up your ‘gram game is one of our fave things to do. We just love how these filters always manage to add an extra element of glam to our pictures and amp them up. So, scroll your way through this list and find out more about these trending filters.

Let the filter flow begin!

1. Monday – woke up like this by @larissa_wlc

woke up like this by @larissa_wlc

This gorgeous filter by Larissa D’sa gives just the kind of fresh ‘lewk’ we need to kick-start our week. Needless to say, we are obsessing over the hint of blush that this filter shows on our cheeks. We absolutely love how elegant this filter is!

2. Tuesday – WEEKND by @karanjoshii

WEEKND by @karanjoshii

This aesthetic filter by Karan Joshi has just the right amount of hues and grains to give a ‘lil retro effect to our selfie while still keeping it classy and fun. Tbh, this filter is perfect for any day of the week, don’t you think so too?

3. Wednesday – Beachy Vibe by @impratishtha

Beachy Vibe by @impratishtha
Beachy Vibe by @impratishtha

Just like its name, this one is a total ‘vibe‘, hehe. We love the fresh glow this filter adds on our face, instantly lifting our spirits and making our selfie 10x better. Also, isn’t that just the kind of energy we need on a Wednesday?

4. Thursday – beigedust by @mxdhu.__

beigedust by @mxdhu.__
beigedust by @mxdhu.__

We absolutely love this cute filter by @mxdhu.__. We couldn’t help but save it to our favorites. We all loveee a filter that has a grainy effect to it, right? It just brings out this slight aesthetic vibe that we totes love and just can’t seem to get enough of!

5. Friday – sandxkodak by @simran.bejwani

sandxkodak by @simran.bejwani
sandxkodak by @simran.bejwani

A warm effect with a touch of hues? Yes please! Damn, this filter is just amazing. Absolutely love how it pops out and emphasizes our facial features. Gotta accept it, this filter has just the right glow and glam that we need on a Friday to make it a Fri-yay, hehe.

6. Saturday – Sparkle Glow By SG by @eutropiaofficial

Sparkle Glow By SG by @eutropiaofficial
Sparkle Glow By SG by @eutropiaofficial

This filter is perfect if you want to sprinkle some shine to your Saturday shenanigans, hehe. Tbh, we can’t get over how subtle this filter looks with the glitter effect adding some fun to it. You should totes save this one.

7. Sunday – Peachy Glow by @curious_components

Peachy Glow by @curious_components
Peachy Glow by @curious_components

Ending the list with one of our faves, ‘Peachy Glow’ by @curious_components. We love how this filter gets you glowing and sparkling in a jiffy. This filter will defo end your week with a bang and honestly, isn’t that just what we need?

That’s it for now folks! We will be back next week with another set of filters. Till then go on and save these filters and don’t forget to try them out the next time you are taking a selfie. Also, we hope you guys have got yourselves vaccinated and are staying safe. Happy weekend!

Source: MissMalini

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