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Sourav Joshi: A Creator Who’s Everyday Vlogs Take Us On A Joyful Ride

Ever since the pandemic, social media has evolved to be a tool most preferred by people to explore their creative side and give their talent a platform. Be it memes, games, art say it and the world of content creation has a place for you in it. One of such creators acing his game in the space of content creation is Sourav Joshi. A creator who has managed to win the hearts of his audience through his humble nature.

About Sourav Joshi

The 22-year-old, Sourav Joshi is popularly known for his YouTube channel ‘Sourav Joshi Vlogs’, didn’t start his journey through this channel. His journey as a creator began way back in the year 2015 when he started his first YouTube channel ‘Sourav Joshi Arts’. His love and passion for sketching led him towards starting this channel. He didn’t just use this page to share his journey as an artist but also started teaching drawing.

About Sourav Joshi’s content

February 19th, 2019 was the day Sourav decided to start his second channel on YouTube. On February 20, 2019, he uploaded his first video on this channel, titled ‘How I draw MS Dhoni’. However, the channel didn’t grow as expected. But during the lockdown, when the whole world came to a standstill, Sourav’s life started touching the sky. While the whole world was figuring out how to adjust to the new normal, a new idea was taking shape in Sourav’s mind. During this time he decided to take up the challenge to upload 365 videos in 365 days as a challenge. And this challenge was the turning point of his life. His down-to-earth nature, raw and realistic content resonated with his viewers and that’s how his virtual family started to grow. After this, there was no looking back for him. Every one of his videos started getting millions of views and within the span of 2 years, this channel has become India’s fastest-growing YouTube channel with over 12 million subscribers.

Here’s what Sourav Joshi has to say about his content,

It all still seems unreal and a miracle to me. I was extremely disappointed when initially my vlogs channel didn’t live up to my expectations. However, it was interesting to learn that people loved and appreciated my 365 days challenge vlogs which merely highlighted what my day looked like. Living in the hills all of my life, I started this campaign to provide a sneak peek into the Pahari life. This particular idea/campaign changed my life. I am really grateful to my audiences for accepting my true self. YouTube is a platform for me to be truly myself show my family, my town, and my candid life.

Tbh, we absolutely love how Sourav’s through his content manages to give us a taste of the ‘Pahari life’. His journey has been beautiful and we can’t wait to see him reach more heights and achieve many more milestones. On a side note, we hope you all are staying safe and taking all the necessary precautions against COVID-19.

Source: MissMalini

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