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Look Gorgeous in a Lehenga Choli This Festive Season

The festive season has begun, and everyone is shopping for their favorite outfits. Now, we have got an official excuse to buy stylish dresses and designer accessories. How about choosing an Indian lehenga over a saree or suit this Diwali? You’re sure to inspire others.

With that said, it’s good to know how you can slay in an ethnic outfit without making an effort. You can refer to fashion guides. Maybe you would want to try the lookbook of your favorite Indian celebrities. Anything that works is fine. We are hinting at styling your lehenga choli.

If you too struggle to style your ethnic outfit, let us help. Read on to know a few tips that can make you look beautiful in an Indian lehenga.

Pick a colorful lehenga

Colorful Lehenga

Styling a lehenga choli is not only about choosing designer gems and jewels. Your lehenga itself should do the talking. When others are picking a specific color, you can choose to be different and buy a multi-color lehenga. Many Indian fashion designers keep launching a collection of multi-color lehengas. You can browse those collections online and make a fashionable choice.

Choose silver over gold

Lehenga Jewelry

If you’ve been wearing gold jewelry to different functions until now, it’s time for a change. How about choosing statement silver jewelry this time? It’s about slaying your ethnic looks, and you can experiment with your choice of jewelry. Silver bangles, earrings, and pendants are so in trend these days. You can also go for pearls, diamonds, and beads.

Pay attention to your accessories

Lehenga Accessories

Buying statement jewelry is one thing, but what about the accessories. A designer waist chain can enhance your look like no other. Or a potli bag instead of a clutch can do wonders to your lehenga look. The idea is to make you look beautiful in an Indian lehenga, whatever it may take.

You can wear a maangteeka or a pasa to enhance your lehenga look. We are not emphasizing going overboard but if it makes you look stylish, give it a shot. Isn’t it?

Buy a designer dupatta

Designer Dupatta

You have bought a designer lehenga choli. We get it. What about the dupatta? Even if your lehenga comes with a dupatta, you can make an exception and find the one that creates a perfect contrast. A blue dupatta with a pink lehenga or a green dupatta with an orange lehenga is all things fashionable.

Wear decent makeup

If you’re among those girls who like to keep it simple, wearing little makeup could be your thing. But if you go overboard doing it, you may lose the game. Since we are talking about embellished lehengas, you need not wear heavy makeup. You can look gorgeous in a no-makeup look too. Another department that needs your attention is the hairstyle. Avoid choosing a complex hairstyle that gives you a headache. You should feel relaxed in whatever you wish to do with your hair.

Now you may have got an idea about how to style your lehenga choli to perfection. It’s the festive season, and you should make the most of your time shopping for your favorite dresses. And if one is not enough, we see no harm in buying a collection: the more, the merrier.

Readiprint Fashions offers a wide selection of festive dresses. Whether you want a lehenga, saree, or suit, you can find it in a color of your choice in no time.

Source: Readiprint Fashions Blog

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