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Pre-Stitched Sarees: Get Ready In Less Than A Minute

All around the world, the saree has been a highly regarded style of clothing. With a historic past, Indian women’s wardrobes are dominated by the extravagant six-yard outfit, which consist an unparalleled charm and elegance for a variety of events.

Over the past few decades, the incredibly adaptable attire has gone through several changes, ranging from lacy pallus to palazzo saree fusions. The pre-stitched saree, on the other hand, is the adaptation that will be most popular in the upcoming decades. The effortless ready-to-wear saree eliminates draping difficulties rapidly and gives you a flawless appearance in a matter of seconds!

In addition, the readymade saree is a stylish option for weddings, informal get-togethers, and business wear. They are readily available online and at most ethnic clothing retailers.


Pre-stitched or ready-to-wear sarees are cleverly designed, easy-to-wear clothing items that don’t require a petticoat to be worn in one step. They appear just like traditional sarees and take only 15 seconds to put on, giving any outfit a touch of comfort and elegance.

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The Convenience of Pre-stitched Sarees for Effortless Style

Pre-stitched sarees are the ideal option if you adore the elegance of a saree but lack the time or desire to drape it in the traditional manner. Pre-stitched sarees are more convenient to wear than conventional sarees since they already have folds sewn into the center. There’s no need to be worried about folds, tucking, or modifying the pallu length. All you have to do to get going is drape the loose end of the saree over your shoulder!

pre-stitched saree

Advantages of Ready-to-wear Sarees

  • For women who are not familiar with draping a saree, pre-stitched sarees are an excellent option. Excellent for professional women who have limitations on time but still wish to wear sarees to work.
  • Simple to drape and guarantees uniform folds. Anyone can wear ready-to-wear sarees without having to worry about folds, tucking, or changing the pallu length.
  • The wearer’s design appears more elegant and trim because there isn’t any extra material tucked into the underskirt.
  • Pre-stitched sarees fit a variety of sizes without requiring any adjustments, which is one of its best features.
  • A variety of materials, including silk, chiffon, net, georgette, cotton, jacquard, blends of polyester and satin, and viscose, are available for ready-to-wear sarees. Pre-stitched sarees fit marginal sizes well since they have been made of stretchy materials like Lycra and cotton. This is their best feature.
  • Ready-to-wear sarees come in a variety of trendy styles, including lehenga sarees, contrasting or double-fabric sarees, frill-bordered sarees, ruffled sarees, dhoti-style sarees, cascading folded sarees, and more.

Let’s Examine Several Remarkable Ready-to-wear Saree Styles

  • A ready-to-wear saree with folds is ideal for a party event. You can experiment with simple colored sarees and wear them with an embroidered blouse to match.
  • A distinctive, ready-to-wear saree blouse in the tassel design can be worn with a pre-stitched saree. This will enhance the beauty of your attire.
  • Another option is to wear a designer pre-stitched saree in a coffee brown fringe style. Your frill saree needs to have a simple color and an elegant top with lots of embroidery.

Tips for Selecting the Appropriate Ready-to-wear Saree

  • Since it is pre-stitched to fit a specific size, you should first be able to determine which size you are perfect in and order that size.
  • Selecting the appropriate ready-to-wear saree fabric is important. Sarees made of chiffon and georgette fit beautifully on women with curved figures. On the other hand, lean, toned women look stunning in cotton pre-stitched sarees. All body shapes look great in silk and crepe materials.
  • Pre-stitched sarees are often made of glossy, basic textiles with minimal embroidery. Designer blouses are necessary to balance out the overall look of your ensemble without looking overly accessorized.
  • Selecting a blouse pattern is crucial when purchasing a ready-to-wear saree. The jacket blouse, single strap blouse, deep-neck blouse, and backless blouse are a few of the trendy blouse styles.
  • Another thing to consider while purchasing a ready-made saree is your skin tone. If your complexion is dark, go for off-white and beige colors. Peach and turquoise are two pastel colors that complement an olive skin nicely. Women with fair skin tones should wear vibrant colors.

Final Words

Pre-stitched sarees are elegant and convenient. They have a significant time-saving benefit. Pre-stitched sarees are easy to wear in only one step. It’s like putting on an evening gown. You don’t have to wear an undershirt separately, unlike with a traditional saree. Giving yourself the appearance of a neatly draped traditional saree only takes about 15 seconds.

Pre-stitched sarees are genuinely magical for women who are new to the art of draping a saree or have limited time. Even Bollywood celebrities swear by this outfit. Gorgeous pre-stitched sarees are worn by our favorite Bollywood actresses on red carpet events, award ceremonies, and wedding celebrations. Too obsessed to take a break? Why do you wait? Spend a little cash and get ready to look amazing in pre-stitched sarees!

Source: Readiprint Fashions Blog

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