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The Eternal Charm of Anarkali: 7 Tips to Style Anarkali Salwar Suits in 2024

Anarkali suits are a larger version of traditional salwar suits, with the kurti or upper being long and flared and paired with a churidar. But as time went on, fashion altered, and Anarkali began appearing in a wide range of popular looks, such as coats, capes, palazzos, pants, and more. Based on folklore, historical accounts, and traditions, it is known that Anarkali suits became fashionable during the Mughal Empire and were named for Anarkali, a Mughal courtesan.

Are you looking to up your fashion game? Look no further than these seven stunning Anarkali suit styles!

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Anarkali Layered For Wedding Ceremonies


The luxurious, classic vibe of layered anarkalis makes it ideal for wedding ceremonies. The various layers give your look more luxuriousness, richness, and depth. They offer you the chance to shine and fit right in with the lavish environment of a wedding. Choose between wearing layered Anarkali suits or a lehenga choli paired in a unique way, such as a lehenga with an Anarkali.

Tips to Style:

  • Choose detailed decorations and embroidery.
  • Match with traditional jewelry, like sets of kundan beads.
  • Wearing sandals or high heels can help you pull off the elegance.

Flowy Fabrics And Boho Vibe For Cocktail Events


To reflect a boho style, choose anarkalis made of flowy materials like georgette or chiffon. These casual, free-spirited clothes give your look a playful touch and are ideal for parties. For casual yet significant events like bridal showers, you can dress down a little bit. You can move freely thanks to the flowing fabric, and your outfit is given a creative touch by the bohemian designs. Style your dupatta with embroidery for a sufi vibe.

Tips to Style:

  • Add rusted jewelry and fringe or tassel earrings as accessories.
  • For a relaxed hairstyle, think about beachy waves or a loose, untidy knot.
  • For the ultimate boho style, stick to monotone and natural colors.

Sequin Anarkali Suits For Classy Occasions


Sequin Anarkalis are the perfect option for elegant events since they are associated with elegance and glitz. You can make a statement and stand out from the crowd with these looks. At stylish gatherings, the sequins’ stunning look is ideal for making a statement because they catch the light.

Tips to Style:

  • Go for monochrome or metallic Anarkalis.
  • Makeup and accessories should be minimal to highlight the sequins.
  • The stylish party outfit is enhanced by high heels and a modern updo.

Combinations of Palazzo for Modern Charm


Your look is given a modern and fashionable twist when you wear your Anarkali with palazzo pants, which makes it ideal for days out. Palazzo sets provide a unique and fashionable look. The combination gives your look an aura of creativity and modernism, making it appropriate for social events of the present era.

Tips to Style:

  • For a unified look, balance the colors of the Palazzo and Anarkali.
  • Try using some fusion jewelry, such as beaded necklaces, to provide more of a modern vibe.
  • Slick hair and high heels finish off the contemporary look.

Anarkali in the Gown Style for Gala Dinners


The elegance of evening gowns is emulated by Anarkalis gown-style. They provide an elegant and refined appearance that complements the majestic nature of the occasion, making them ideal for gala dinners. You can shine in the magnificent setting of a gala dinner with the Anarkali gown-style, which gives a touch of regal charm.

Tips to Style:

  • Go for luxurious materials like silk and georgette and bright, vibrant colors.
  • For an Indo-Western style, drape a sheer, embroidered dupatta over your shoulders or wear a plain net dupatta.
  • The glamorous style is complemented by bold Indian jewelry and a sophisticated updo.

Pastels for Individual Occasions


Rose-colored Anarkali’s are ideal for intimate gatherings. The gentle, relaxing colors maintain a delightfully new appearance while balancing the vibrant nature of the occasion. The key to blending into the small party is to embrace the happy and joyful atmosphere, which is expressed by pastels and floral prints.

Tips to Style:

  • Go for pastel colors like blush pink, mint, or lavender.
  • Pearl or floral jewelry goes well with the pastel color scheme.
  • Choose a romantic, gentle hairstyle, such as loose curls.

Final Words

The Anarkali suit is a real jewel in the fascinating world of fashion. Its superpower is its adaptability, which makes it the best option for a variety of situations. The Anarkali has you covered whether you need formal wear for a special occasion or are attending a lavish wedding or joyous celebration.

However, the Anarkali’s true brilliance is found in how versatile it is. By experimenting with accessories, haircuts, and other components like shoes and purses, you can wear the same Anarkali to several events. The large, elaborate ones are ideal for weddings, and the same ensemble may be dressed down with simple or rusted jewelry to create a more comfortable vibe.

Source: Readiprint Fashions Blog

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