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39 foods that start with d

Foods that start with d is a very tricky topic as different languages have different food terminology and understanding them and bringing them together is quite a lot of research as well as effort. Here, in this post, I have tried to list out some of the food terminologies that begins with the letter ‘d’ and hope this article is useful while looking for various food.

Do check out the details for each food in the list and would be glad enough to add more to the list as I get aware of the list of foods with different letters. Hope my readers find this article useful as this is my first attempt at writing down this kind of article.

foods that start with d

Foods that start with d

1. Dates

This food is highly found in abundance in the middle east and is one of the best sources of iron. It is 1 inch to 2 inches in size and available in colours ranging from bright red to brown in colours. The tree that gives the fruit is known as the date palm tree and is mostly found in middle eastern countries and the gulf region.

This is a sweet-flavoured fruit and has a good amount of sugar in it with amazingly sweet flavours. It is oval and has a finger shape that looks appealing and comes in the juicy form, dried form and is useful in making many recipes.

It is used to make jams, rolls, added to smoothies, cakes and is rich in calcium and potassium. Storing them airtight helps in preserving the fruit for days and always suggest munching on a few dates daily as it is one of the best fruits available. It comes in many varieties and is a bit expensive in some countries.

2. Devilled Eggs

These are in simple terms referred to as stuffed eggs or one can even call them Russian eggs or dressed eggs. They belong to ancient Rome where the eggs were boiled and seasoned with different spice flavours, herbs etc…

Currently, in this century the recipe has been altered slightly where the eggs are boiled, shell removed and the egg yolk is blended with different seasonings, spices and sauces and stuffed in the half-boiled eggs before serving them.

The sauces and spices used to mix the yolk are mustard sauce, paprika spice, mayonnaise which help blend the yolk smoothly and tastes great after stuffing. Serve them with chips or fries or any other favourite sauce.

3. Donuts

This is a popular breakfast and snack recipe mostly found in the USA or various American regions. It has been a popular fried dish for ages. Most of us are familiar with this popular rind shaped dish that is usually made in different shapes before frying.

The dough is prepared by adding milk or water to the flour, eggs, oil, sugar, leavening substance and then made into a dough. The dough is then formed in shapes mostly ring-shaped or hole shaped doughnuts.

These doughnuts are either deep-fried or baked and then can be served with various toppings of sugar, icing sugar, chocolate or syrup or whatever one prefers to have it with. They are served with any drink such as coffee and is every American’s favourite.

4. Dosa

Dosa is a popular South Indian breakfast that is in the form of a crepe or a pancake. It is made using a batter made of lentil and rice which is soaked for several hours, made into a fine paste and then allowed to ferment well.

They are then spread on a hot griddle in the shape of a thin pancake to cook well by smearing some oil all over the crepe. These taste well with chutneys made using peanuts, coconuts or using sesame.

It is a staple Indian style breakfast and South Indians prefer to have it with chutney and sambar. Dosa can be made using batters made from other lentils as well such as green gram, oats, finger millets etc…

5. Dahi

This is an Indian terminology for “yoghurt or curd” in the language Hindi from India. Yoghurt is termed as “dahi” here and is quite a popular dairy product used everywhere and all over the world.

Dahi is used to make various recipes such as Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla. They are deep-fried dumplings of a black gram or chickpea flour batter and then topped with sweet chutneys or different chutneys, Dahi/yoghurt all over and served.

Recipes made using dahi are highly in demand in my country and most of the Indian street food recipes are served by adding creamy yogurt as a topping as well used to a number of dishes exclusively with curd or yoghurt.

6. Dragon Fruit

This is an expensive and beneficial fruit mostly found in Asian and American countries. It appears slightly pink to deep pink in colour from the outside. It has flesh inside like found in kiwi and also tastes similar to kiwi and pear or somewhere in between.

It is easy to cut the fruit and eat it. The fruit can be cut into two halves and then just peeling leaves white juicy flesh that has small seeds in them which are edible and no need to discard them.

The fruit can be eaten directly or made into smoothies. It is rich in fibre and anti-oxidants and the best time to have it is in the mornings to enjoy its nutrient benefits.

7. Drumstick vegetable

tt is a long stick-like appearing vegetable commonly known as Moringa. It has light green colour to a slightly dark green colour and these drumsticks are obtained from the drumstick tree.

These drumsticks are used to make many Indian recipes such as Sambar, curries etc… It boosts the immune levels, controls blood sugar levels, rich in minerals and vitamins and is quite popular to use vegetable in Southern parts of India.

Mixed vegetable sambar is incomplete without this vegetable and they are used by chopping them into small pieces and slightly peeling the thread-like skin that comes off. They can directly be chopped into finger-shaped pieces and used to make any curry or dal.

8. Dandelion

It is definitely not a dish or recipe but a plant with a beautiful name. Most of the parts of a plant are edible and mostly found in European, American and Australian regions. It is a plant that is used for many medicinal purposes and its flower is yellow in color.

The stems of this plant, leaves and mainly roots are used for different medicinal purposes. These parts are sometimes eaten raw or the roots are used to make teas and coffee. It is highly useful in medicine as it has many medicinal properties and is used to treat digestion, heartburn issues, cholesterol problems etc…

9. Drumstick chicken

These are simple chicken legs that are baked, fried, stir-fried, air-fried and served as snacks or starters. The chicken legs are commonly known as chicken drumsticks used to make kababs or cooked in a tandoor or grilled.

This leg part of chicken is the most commonly used part while making chicken as the legs taste good to make starter recipes.

My blog has many such recipes using them and combining them with chicken thighs taste even better. Baking or deep frying them with basic seasonings tastes amazing.

10. Dill leaves

This herb is a green leafy plant with needle-like delicate leaves. It comes in bunches such as herbs and appears feathery. The leaves, flowers and seeds of the plant are edible and are used for garnishing or to make stir fry recipes.

The leaves are mostly used for edible purposes and are useful in treating digestion-related issues, bloating problems, flatulence issues etc… They are beneficial in controlling sugar levels and they belong to the family of parsley herb. They are known to treat insomnia as well.

They are mixed with meat as well during cooking or mixed with various lentils to make curries.

11. Dewberries

They belong to the family of berries and appear similar to blackberries but they are quite smaller compared to blackberries or raspberries. They are used in a similar way as berries and used to make pies, jams, cobbler recipes etc…

The colour is not red like raspberries but somewhere between black to purple and almost look like raspberries or blackberries. Found mostly in American and European regions and can be made into various forms before preserving them.

12. Dal

It is a curry made using lentils in Indian states. A staple diet in most parts of India is eaten with steamed rice and poppadoms as well as chutneys and pickles. The dal or lentil curry is made in thin consistency or thick but tastes well.

The dals are made by cooking or tenderizing the lentils by pressure cooking or slow cooking and then tempering after seasoning with salt and spices. Meals in India are incomplete without having dal in the platter.

13. Dijon mustard

This is a kind of mustard originated from Dijon which is in France and is slight different from American mustard. The recipe that is made is a dip or sauce like texture prepared using mustard and appears pale yellow in color.

It is often used as a spread on sandwiches, breads and is used to season many bread recipes. The mustard is made from brown mustard seeds and is mostly used as a condiment while making different recipes.

It is used in many of the salad dressings as well.

14. Dark chocolate

This is totally made from cocoa obtained from a cocoa tree. The chocolate mainly contains cocoa butter, fewer sugars, cocoa solids but does not contain any milk. Milk chocolate contains more amount of milk and sugar whereas this type of chocolate has more amount of cocoa and tastes less sweet compared to milk chocolate.

It comes in different shapes and sizes such as in the shape of rectangle bars and has good benefits if eaten once in a while.

15. Dahi Bhalla or Dahi vada

As already mentioned this is a kind of Indian street food chaat mostly available in Indian streets. It appears in the form of lentil deep-fried dumplings which are soaked well in curd or yoghurt and topped with sweet and sour flavoured dips and chutneys.

16. Deli meat

These are pre-cooked meat forms that are cut in various shapes and sizes and are processed as ready to eat meats. They are mostly made from red meats and contain lots of sodium that can be harmful to health.

They always appear in sliced shapes that are often used on sandwiches. These meats do not require a longer time to cook as they are already precooked. They contain preservatives and are harmful if eaten often.

17. Date Rolls

Rolls made out of Medjool dates, which are blended well and rolled by coating with either chocolate or coconut and made without sugar. The dates can be blended with dried fruits as well and are a rich source of iron and calcium.

This is a sweet dish that can be made using any kind of dates mainly fresh dates.

18. Dried Plums

Fresh plums come in different colours and sizes but mostly have a lemon size and are deep red in color. They sometimes taste sweet and has a seed inside them. They are a rich source of Vitamin C and fresh plums when dried are called prunes and can be enjoyed as a snack. They can taste sour most of the time and are good for one’s health. They are also sometimes purple in color.

19. Daikon (Radish)

It is a white radish mostly available in Asian countries and appears similar to the carrot family with a long root-like appearance and also leaves on the top of the root. It is not red in color but white in appearance and has a form of a carrot or red radish. It is also called “mooli” in Indian languages.

It is mostly cooked and added to Sambar, curries or just chopped into slices and stir-fried. Making stews or boiling them is also a great option to make use of the vegetable.

Hope my readers continue reading about more foods that begin with d or foods that start with d.

20. Dairy milk

It is milk chocolate made from cocoa butter, milk and sugars and many other flavours and is available in most of the countries such as Britain, the USA, India and many other places.

It is available in bars and is one of the best chocolates in demand to date.

21. Danish food (danish pastry)

It is a popular cuisine in Denmark and danish pastry is a popular pastry baked variety found over there. Austrian bakers who were hired during strikes made this kind of pastries and later people of Denmark adopted the same recipe with some modifications and alterations to the recipe. Pastry has been a popular food dish ever since.

22. Deep-fried (food)

Deep-fried foods are the foods that require plenty of oil to deep fry and most of the meat dishes, snacks, dumplings, fritters, appetizers, starters are deep-fried and served.

Though deep-fried food has lots of calories, it is high in demand for the taste it produces.

23. Double cheeseburger

This kind of burger consists of two layers of meat patties and two layers of cheese slices. Generally, one layer is placed on a burger with one patty and one cheese slice along with mustard, sauce and pickles. Here, in this burger, two cheese slices are placed between two meat patties and this kind of food becomes a high calorie.

24. Devils food cake

A cake similar to a chocolate cake but is very light and is not as rich as a chocolate cake. There is not much difference to both kinds of cakes but the ingredients are slightly altered to make them richer or less rich. It is just a fancy name given to a kind of chocolate cake.

25. Diwali sweets and snacks

In India, Diwali is a festival of lights and during this time many varieties of snacks and sweets are made and served. Therefore, we can term those festive foods as Diwali snacks and sweets

26. Desserts

Desserts as we all know are sweet flavoured recipes that are cooked, baked, slow-cooked, fried or any cooking technique but consist of sweet flavours and the most popular desserts are cakes, puddings etc…

27. Diet coke

This is a carbonated drink as other drinks but the main difference between such drinks and this drink is it contains no sugar and has no calories. They are mostly made to cater to the needs of health-conscious people who can be sporteaspoonersons and also who are looking for sugar-free drinks without any calories.

28. Dorritos

These are the chips by the American brand Doritos. Usually, tortilla chips are sold by this popular brand and are made using corn. These chips are mostly baked and not fried which are healthy to eat.

29. Dum aloo

This is a type of Indian potato curry popular in the Kashmir and Punjab regions of India. The potatoes used to make this curry are baby potatoes and the potatoes are cooked in a gravy that can be a less spicy gravy to a rich gravy.

30. Dhokla

This is a protein snack made using chickpea flour batter that is fermented well. The batter is steamed to make it fluffy like a cake and then cut into cake-like pieces and then topped with the Indian style of tempering. This is a popular Gujarati snack and is also eaten for breakfast in this region.

31. Dum biryani

The dum biryani is a popular rice recipe in Hyderabad, India and in this dish the meat and rice are sealed together and slow-cooked for an hour at least without letting any steam escape from the cooking pot. The rice and meat have aromatic flavors when cooked together and this rice dish is normally served with basic biryani gravies.

32. Dominos pizza

Pizza is a flatbread made using pizza dough and dominos sells its popular Pizza made out of different toppings. They have special techniques to make their pizza and taste good too.

The dough is kneaded well before dividing them into equal portions and then flattened well, topped with cheese, veggies, meat etc… The pizzas can be wood-fired, pan-cooked well as follow many other cooking techniques to make this food dish.

33. Dried squid

The squids belong to the cuttlefish category and have eight arms with two tentacles and their meat is often edible and mostly this is found in Asian countries. It is dried and packed and often eaten as a snack in those regions. The packed snack is shredded well and seasoned well before making it ready to eat.

34. Drinks

Drinks are beverages that can range from mocktails, cocktails, aerated drinks, carbonated drinks and any kind of beverage.

35. Dairy products

All the products such as cheese, milk, cream, yoghurt etc… come under dairy food and the milk can be from cow or a buffalo and cheese too are available in various varieties such a mozzarella, cheddar, cottage cheese etc…

36. Dumplings

These are just balls made out of any dough which is usually fried or baked and then served with dips, sauces etc…

37. Duck

Duck meat is mostly used to roast or slow-cook before serving. There are many countries that include cooked duck meat in their diet.

38. Dry fruits

Dry fruits are basically dried forms of almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, walnuts, figs, apricots etc…

39. Dried food

The dried form of food such as dried apples, dried kiwi, dried mangoes etc…

foods that start with d

39 foods that start with d

yummy indian kitchen

A list of foods that are edible and start with letter d.

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Course foods

Cuisine International


  • dates
  • devilled eggs
  • donuts
  • dosa
  • dahi
  • dragon fruit
  • dandelion
  • drumsticks vegetable
  • dumplings
  • drumstick chicken
  • dill leaves
  • dew berries
  • dal
  • Dijon mustard
  • dark chocolate
  • dahi bhalla (dahi vada)
  • deli meat
  • date rolls
  • dried plums
  • daikon (radish)
  • dairy milk
  • Danish
  • Deep fried
  • Double cheese burger
  • Devils food cake
  • Diwali sweets n snacks
  • Desserts
  • Diet coke
  • Dorritos
  • Dum aloo
  • Dhokla
  • Dum biryani
  • Dominos pizza
  • Dried squid
  • Drinks
  • Dairy
  • Duck
  • dry fruits
  • dried food (figs, apples, mangoes )


  • The foods can be used as explained in detail above.

  • These are just some of the foods I could research and write about them.

  • Appreciate your feedback and kindly let me know about more such foods to add to this list.


This is the list of foods that start with d and I have tried to bring most of the foods list to one place and if there are more such words that I did not add I would love to add them to the list and give an insight view to my readers about various foods that are International and Healthy.

Source: Yummy Indian Kitchen – Indian and International Recipes

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