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40+ Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

Are you tired of searching for Indian vegetarian dinner recipes? Your search ends here as this post contains many recipes for dinner needs. Look at each of them, and don’t wait to try them out.

The list contains simple and quick recipes, authentic recipes, and festive recipes with a lengthy compilation of vegetarian dishes.

The list ranges from pulao to gravies to biryani and different veg rice recipes to serve with rice, roti, chapathi, or any main course meal.

indian vegetarian dinner recipes
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Indian vegetarian recipes for dinner

1. Vegetable Pulao

This is a quick vegetarian dinner rice recipe to try quickly in a pressure cooker or slow cook method, and both ways turn out delicious.

The dish consists of rice, colorful vegetables, and some basic spices to make it aromatic, and the combination of rice and veggies makes it a delicious dinner idea to make it under 30 minutes.

The pulao is mainly made using carrots, potatoes, peas, and beans; these veggies bring the perfect flavors to the rice.

Check out this fantastic indian vegetarian recipe, which is widely popular in Northern and Southern India and a perfect option to make during special occasions.

2. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a must-try North Indian dish that can be easily made at home without going to the nearest pav bhaji street food stall.

The dish may look complex, but the recipe below will clear your doubts and fears about making it at home.

A simple curry, bhaji, will be served with pav and tastes best if served with onions and lemons.

The bhaji is made using onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots as optional vegetables, and additional veggies that go in it are peas.

The main spice is the pav bhaji masala, butter, and kasoori methi, which lifts curry flavors.

The pav can be made at home, or you can buy it freshly from any bakery and enjoy the pav bhaji for indian dinners.

3. Paneer Pulao

This paneer pulao is made using only paneer and contains no vegetables. If you like paneer and hate to add vegetables, try this special pulao using paneer.

Add paneer in the raw form or saute it in oil, and both give a delicious taste to this pulao.

This pulao is similar to veg pulao, but using paneer only gives unique flavors and can be served with any veg gravy dish.

A dish not only to be made for indian vegetarian dinner but also works well for several festivities, occasions, and family celebrations.

The list does not end here, as this post contains many more indian vegetarian recipes below as you scroll down.

4. Veg Biryani in cooker

Would you like to try another exciting rice recipe that is not just pulao or plain rice and also cooks quickly?

Try this special veg biryani as your next Indian vegetarian dinner and get praise from your entire family.

This is a quick biryani to make in a pressure cooker using rice and vegetables. Also, make it on the go and have a quick vegetarian dinner dish in under 30 minutes.

Serve it with just raita, and one does not require too many sides to have with this biryani, and enjoy this special dinner with family and friends.

5. Kadhi Pakora

This delicacy is best with steamed rice and is a famous curry made using chickpea flour dumplings and chickpea curry base.

The gravy base is made by blending yogurt in chickpea flour and finally adding a tempering to it, and the dumplings are left over in the gravy, making them juicy and perfect when served with rice.

Try this delicacy for lunch, dinner, special events, and a happy meal with your loved ones.

6. Palak Paneer

Have you ever heard of a delicacy with spinach and cottage cheese? You are at the right place.

An authentic dish from Northern India and the Punjab regions of India, it is filled with a dairy touch and creaminess in the curry base.

This palak paneer is made using spinach puree and adding paneer cubes into the gravy to serve with paratha.

If you visit different restaurants in India or Indian restaurants abroad, you will find this dish at the top of the vegetarian menu.

Even if you do not find it in your nearby restaurant, grab this recipe of mine, make it in your kitchen, and enjoy your special meals.

7. Matar Pulao

It’s a simple pulao to make when you run out of veggies. This pulao needs some green peas, commonly called mater in Hindi terminology.

The green peas are added to pulao tempering, and the tadka is cooked with rice to get amazingly tasting matar-flavored rice.

Serve it with korma, gravy base, or any paneer recipe, and it goes well with any gravy-based side dish.

8. Vegetarian fried rice

If you are looking for a quick recipe that is also vegetarian and needs to be done in under 30 minutes, try this simple fried rice sauteed in veggies and sauces.

The sauces are readily available in every grocery store, and one needs to quickly saute your leftover rice or cook in vegetables and sauce, and you get a delicious fried rice recipe.

9. Paneer tikka masala

The paneer tikka masala is a mouth-watering delicacy with a creamy gravy base.

The gravy is filled with the richness of yogurt, cashews, and cream mixed with sauteed paneer, enhancing fenugreek to its final touch.

If you are looking for Indian vegetarian dinner recipes made with paneer, this dish is a must-try paneer recipe, along with many other paneer recipes shared in this roundup post.

If you are out of veggies in your kitchen and looking to try something new and any restaurant kind of curry, try this paneer recipe, and you will come back to try it again.

10. Paneer butter masala

Want to try more paneer recipes from the blog? Try the paneer butter masala as your following vegetarian dinner recipe, another authentic Indian dinner idea.

If you want unique and rich vegetarian ideas for your dinners, look at this fantastic delicacy with a buttery and creamy base with paneer.

11. Veg Korma

Looking for more indian vegetarian dinner recipes and not willing to make paneer dishes? Try out this south indian style korma, which has healthy veggies.

It goes perfectly with roti or poori and is another restaurant-style dinner side dish to serve with steamed rice or have as a side dish to pulao.

The veggies that go into it are mainly potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, etc., but one can make it with variations and add veggies of your choice to this gravy base.

12. Baingan Masala

If you want other variations and want to make a masala gravy, try this masala baingan recipe with different spices.

The gravy consists of peanuts, coconuts, sesame, and onion paste with fried brinjals and goes well with flatbread, unique rice recipes such as pulao or bagara rice, or any main course meal.

This gravy can be made thick or thin per one’s requirement, and spice levels can be adjusted.

This recipe is a must-add dish to your vegetarian menu. Also, leave us feedback if you like this recipe or have any other queries.

13. Mirchi Ka Salan

Have you ever heard of this popular Indian Hyderabadi gravy dish? I am sure you have, as this is the sought-after curry in the Hyderabad region of India.

The mirchi ka salan is a gravy with a masala paste and green chilies cooked together and is commonly served with Hyderabadi biryani.

If you like veg biryani recipes, try mirchi ka salan as your side dish. You do not need any other side dish if you make this recipe.

Also, this gravy can be stored in the refrigerator easily for up to 4 to 5 days and served with roti or other delicacies.

14. Gutti Vankaya

This is a South indian variation of baingan masala and is made similarly but with slight variations.

The gravy once again consists of a masala paste stuffed in brinjals or eggplants and cooked well.

If you have plenty of aubergine, brinjals, or eggplants in your garden or kitchen, make this gravy, which needs coconuts and peanuts to make the gravy, and you are all set to make this for your next dinner meal.

Serve with roti, rice, pulao, or khichdi; every combination will work well with this gravy.

15. Dal Tadka

Love to eat dal or lentil curries for dinner? Check out this simple and easy dal tadka to quickly make and serve with roti or phulkas.

Dal is easy to tenderize, and we can never get bored even if we make it regularly.

The recipe can be made in under 30 minutes by boiling the dal and giving it a tempering or tadka of cumin, spices, onions, and tomatoes.

16. Green Gram Curry

This moong dal curry is another healthy dal variety you can try and make it similar to a dal tadka.

Boil the moong dal separately, give it a tempering of your choice, and make it flavorful and aromatic by adding different herbs and spices.

Green moong dal has amazing health benefits, is filled with protein, and tastes best as a dal or curry to serve with roti and phulka.

17. Soft chapati

Indian flatbread is the most popular bread in India, commonly called chapati, roti, or phulka.

The roti is a round, circular-shaped, and rolled dough, roasted slightly on both sides to serve with different sides.

This roti has enough calories to keep one full until the next meal and having two flat breads with curries or gravies is enough to complete the meal.

This flatbread for dinner keeps you light, helps with better digestion, and is also a healthy option.

18. Tomato Biryani

Tomato biryani is a quick-to-cook one-pot biryani made using tomatoes and onions and mixed with rice.

Serve the cooked biryani with raita or have it with some pickles; you will want more.

This is another simplest and not so-difficult dinner idea to make and have at night.

The dish contains only veggies and rice and is the best option with few ingredients.

19. Vegetable Salad

Are you looking for healthy options and prefer salads at night for dinners? Have this easy-to-make salad in 5 minutes and maintain a healthy and fit life.

This salad doesn’t need many veggies. Make it using simple veggies available at home.

Add a dash of lemon to the salad, serve directly, and have healthy meal choices for any meal of the day.

20. Bagara Rice

This rice delicacy is made with minimal ingredients but is extremely popular throughout India as it is a flavorful dish with spicy aromas.

This dish tastes best when served with curry or gravy and is made for special occasions and family gatherings for dinners.

Cook the rice by adding a tadka of whole spices and sauteed onions. Cook rice mixed with the spice tempering and serve your favorite side.

21. Pudina Rice

Check out this mint-flavored rice recipe, which can be cooked with plain or leftover rice by giving a mint-flavored tempering to the rice.

The green color is from the green herb paste added to the tempering and mixing the tempering with the leftover rice or cooked rice with the tadka.

22. Bhindi Fry

Check out this quickly stir-fried bhindi in minimal tempering and sauteing until it appears fried and perfect to serve with flatbreads.

23. Cauliflower Kurma

Want to use different veggies and try out curries using cauliflower? Try this veggie in a Korma style and serve with pooris or breads.

This korma also tastes good with rice recipes or pulao varieties, and this vegetable is a low-calorie and healthy option to maintain weight.

24. Bhindi ki sabji

Cooking the bhindi in onions is the most delicious way to have bhindi for dinner meals.

Serving it with roti and phulkas is another healthy option, as bhindi, okra, or ladies’ finger is best when served with Indian bread such as paratha or chapati.

25. Punjabi Chole

This chole is a North Indian specialty and having it for dinners with bhatura or poori keeps you delightful and lets you enjoy their meal.

It is a perfect and interesting combination where the kabuli chana is soaked and tenderized well to cook in onion tomato gravy.

26. Rajma

A kidney bean curry is a north indian delicacy commonly served with chawal.

The rajma chawal combination is a favorite of many Northern Indians, and I suggest making it for your dinner meals.

The rajma needs soaking for a few hours, but the rest of the recipe procedure is quick and easy, and following the recipe guidelines makes the recipe making easier.

27. Veg Manchurian Gravy

Chinese fast food or Indo-Chinese is another fast option to make your dinner meals and making a Manchurian is a great fit for your dinner ideas.

Make the Manchurian by mixing veggies in round balls fry them and saute the fried balls in sauces.

This sauteed manchiruan gravy and fried rice recipe is the best combination and a perfect and unique dinner option.

28. Matar Paneer

Another interesting vegetarian dinner option is a matar paneer combination to serve with naan or roti.

Green peas are commonly called matar in Hindi, and paneer is cottage cheese; combining both make delicious curries.

The gravies commonly are onion tomato-based, but to make them creamier and richer, we must add cashew nut gravy or cream to enhance the flavors.

29. Aloo Matar

Another matar curry with a combination of potatoes in onion tomato gravy to serve with rice, roti, or rice.

A complete vegetarian option is a perfect side dish for any main course meal.

30. Phulka

Most if the recipes shared are sides to rice and roti but this is a main course bread commonly served with curries, gravies, kababs, etc.

There is no need to apply oil or ghee; it is an oil-free healthy dinner option. Roll the dough round and cook the roti on a griddle (tawa) or directly on the stovetop.

31. Soya chunks curry

Soya chunks or meal maker is a healthy protein option for vegetarians, and they can be made in the form of pulao, fried rice, biryani, etc. for your dinner meals.

Not only as gravy or curry but use soya chunks to make different healthy meals listed above and provide the body with the necessary protein.

32. Dahi Kadhi

Kadhi is a yogurt-based curry with fried chickpea dumplings dipped in it.

The yogurt is whipped well in spices and cooked for a few minutes. The dumplings are later added after frying, and lastly, the dish is finished by giving a tadka to the curry.

Serve it with rice; you will love this vegetarian option and return for more.

33. Brinjal Curry

Eggplants or brinjals are useful for making many masala curries or gravies and can also be fried, sauteed, or made as a sabji.

Here, I shared a simple way of making brinjal curry to serve with rice recipes; brinjal cooks quickly and does not take long to tenderize.

Try another vegetarian option and save this dinner list to make your meals.

34. Masoor Dal

A red lentil-based dal curry is a healthy and protein option for dinners.

Serve with bread, rice, or any main course, and also tastes good with ghee and pickle.

Below are some more interesting indian vegetarian dinner ideas to check out and look at each of your favorite recipes by clicking on the recipes.

35. Bhindi Masala

36. Sorakaya Pappu

37. Tomato Pappu

38. Palak Dal

39. Methi Bhaji

40. Bottle Gourd Curry

41. Tomato Charu

If you like to have more indian vegetarian dinner recipes for your dinner meals, check out this liquid-based tomato rasam or charu.

This is a popular South Indian specialty made using tomatoes.

The pulp is extracted, and the liquid obtained is cooked well. Finally, tempering is needed to give the rasam a real taste.

I hope you like this list of Indian Vegetarian recipes suitable for dinner and lunch.

The list does not end here as I will add many more recipes to this post and will be updating with many more recipe ideas.

Check out each recipe by clicking on the recipes try your favorite dish, and leave us your feedback.

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