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High Protein Vegetarian Salad

Do you prefer a high-protein vegetarian salad for lunch or dinner? Try this salad, which is entirely vegetarian, does not contain any form of meat, and has a high amount of protein.

We can make salads in several ways, but this is the quickest and healthiest way of making a veg salad that fills the tummy and lets us stay healthy and fit.

high protein vegetarian salad with chickpeas, veggies and fruits in a bowl
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Veg salads are of different kinds, and each salad provides nutrition and various benefits, but every salad we make can be added to the menu of healthy diets.

I am sharing one of the salad recipes containing veggies such as onions, tomatoes, cucumber, etc., and delicious flavors with fruits and high-protein legumes such as chickpeas.

Check out the veggie ingredients below in the post and make variations with different veggies of your choice.

However, this recipe is the best way to make a high-protein vegetarian salad.

How do you prepare the chickpeas?

Chickpeas are available canned and readily available on the counters in some countries.

Just grab the canned containers and use them in salads when required, as per the instructions given on the canned containers.

We can also buy the garbanzo beans and cook them in the instant pot for 20-25 minutes by pressure cooking them.

Soaking them for 7-8 hours and pressure cooking them makes chickpeas soft and ready to use in salads.

Drain the excess water after boiling or pressure cooking; the chickpeas are ready for use in any dish.


Onions: This simple ingredient brings distinct flavors; chopping or slicing is the best way to add to the salad.

Cherry tomatoes: These are small oval-shaped red tomatoes that are perfect in salads compared to regular tomatoes. 

Big-size tomatoes give a slightly sour flavor, but cherry tomatoes are more suitable than large-size ones.

Cucumber: Cucumber is another healthy option to add to salads. Adding it to any protein salad is a great way to enhance the flavors.

Grated carrots: Different healthy vegetables give good nutrition to the body. And carrots are one such vitamin-rich vegetable that makes the salad colorful and appealing.

Boiled chickpeas: Chickpeas are one of the main ingredients that are high in protein.

It is an excellent addition to most vegetarian salads made with protein ingredients.

Pomegranate: Sometimes, salads with just vegetables can be hard to consume.

Adding flavorful fruit to a salad makes it easy to consume, and pomegranate is one such fruit.

Cilantro: I like to enhance the flavor of salads and add some fragrance to them. Cilantro is at the top of my list regarding flavorful garnishing or toppings.

Salt: This balances the flavor of the salads and is optional if you prefer to have a salad without salt in it.

Lemon juice: Adding a slight tangy touch by sprinkling some lemon or lime juice while having the salad is a delicious way of eating salads.

Olive oil: Adding some healthy sources of fats is another excellent way to make the salad filling and heart-healthy.

How to make the salad

  1. First, take a mixing bowl and add some chopped onions. Add 5-6 cherry tomatoes cut into halves. Also, add a quarter cup of baby cucumber and grated carrot.
veggies such as onions, tomatoes, cucumber added to the mixing bowl

2. Add half a cup of chickpeas to the salad.

chickpeas added to the high protein vegetarian salad

3. Add pomegranate seeds and chopped cilantro to the salad.

herbs added to the protein vegetarian salad

4. Add some salt and pepper to enhance the taste. Also, add some lemon extract and olive oil, and mix the salad slightly.

mixing vegetarian salad

5. Serve quickly or have it as a side dish to any main dish and make a filling meal.

serving the salad in a plate

Which ingredient gives more protein?

The chickpeas in the salad are a high source of protein and contain plenty of protein content in a cup of chickpea(more than 14 g), which is approximately 260 calories.

Chickpeas are commonly called garbanzo beans in some countries, and these countries sell them with the name ‘garbanzo.’ 

They are a fiber-rich ingredient to help you have a filling meal and to aid in better digestion.

The chickpea is a nutrient-rich and mineral-rich ingredient that can help provide an immense amount of protein, mainly if one follows a vegetarian or vegan diet and is looking for plant-based protein resources.

According to a study, chickpeas contain more protein and dietary fiber than other pulses.



  • Having protein salads is a good way of replacing unhealthy dietary habits. Salads make one feel full, reduce appetite, and reduce unhealthy cravings.
  • Chickpea in this recipe post is filled with high protein, and a protein diet slows down the absorption of carbohydrates in the human body, leading to healthy weight management.
  • A healthy weight always helps avoid health issues such as obesity, heart-related concerns, etc.
  • For those suffering from diabetes, adding this kind of low-carb meal gives a healthy option to have meals in different ways and not include high-sugar foods.
  • Protein helps in muscle growth and helps build the body, mainly in repairing tissues for better growth.
  • Many readers worldwide follow only vegetarian or vegan diets. Sometimes, they look for simple meal options to prepare quickly and live healthily.
  • Thus, this salad is handy for healthy recipes with vegetarian salad options.
  • Salads rich in protein also regulate blood sugar levels; therefore, we can always have controlled sugar levels, reduce heart risks, and stay lean and healthy.
  • I have added pomegranate seeds to this salad, which adds more fiber, makes it a hydrating salad, is rich in antioxidants, contains vitamin C, and helps maintain better hemoglobin levels.
  • The pomegranate seeds add color and give a better look to any salad, which helps increase the appetite and gives a better flavor.
  • I include salads as my main meals, and I have seen a significant difference in my weight, and I am sure my audience will feel the same.


Airtight containers: Store them in airtight containers in small portions and place the salad in the container immediately after preparing if not consuming sooner.

The salad box should go into the fridge immediately, and the salad remains fresh if stored at lower temperatures.

Avoid mixing: Ingredients such as onions and tomatoes can be stored separately and not mixed with chickpeas if you are trying to store the salad. 

Store the veggies mixture separately or chop the boiled chickpeas separately.

Mix everything when ready to consume so that the salad appears crispy when ready to eat.

Duration: If stored in the refrigerator, the salad remains fresh and tastes good if consumed within 2 or 3 days. Also, add any homemade dressing to enhance the taste of the salad while you are having it.

When to eat?

Since this is a protein salad, having it for lunch or dinner or as a post-workout meal is the best way to include salads.

It is not mandatory to have it only during those times; one can have it any time of the day as it is a filling meal, and one can avoid unhealthy stuff.

This salad can help us avoid unhealthy foods that add unhealthy calories and weight gain, leading to various health issues.

Substitutions and Variations

Other protein ingredients

If one wants to replace chickpeas in this salad, do not worry; plenty of options are listed below.

Some of the ingredients I prefer are kidney beans or white beans, and one can also add tofu or cottage cheese.

Other protein-rich ingredients that go well with this salad as a topping are chopped nuts such as walnuts and almonds.

Add vegetables, avocado, cauliflower, roasted sweet potatoes, or roasted broccoli, which are good choices.

I hope you like this recipe post. One can alter and modify the recipe in many other ways and mix it with veggies, nuts, and avocado or add various dressings to the salad to adapt them differently.


high protein vegetarian salad with chickpeas, veggies and pomegranate seeds in a bowl

High Protein Vegetarian Salad

yummy indian kitchen

A quick and filling high protein salad made with vegetables and chickpeas.

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Prep Time 15 minutes

Cook Time 40 minutes

Course healthy, high protein, Salad, weight loss

Cuisine American, Indian/International

Servings 2

Calories 246 kcal


  • 2 tablespoon onions chopped
  • 5-6 cherry tomatoes halved
  • ¼ cup cucumber cut into small pieces
  • 2 tablespoon grated carrots
  • ½ cup chickpeas boiled or canned
  • 3 tablespoon pomegranate seeds
  • 2 tablespoon chopped cilantro
  • Salt to taste
  • ¼ teaspoon pepper
  • ½ tablespoon lemon extract
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil


  • First, take a mixing bowl and add some chopped onions to it.

  • Add 5-6 cherry tomatoes cut into halves.

  • Add a quarter cup of baby cucumber cut into small slices.

  • Add grated carrots to the above ingredients.

  • Add half a cup of chickpeas to the salad.

  • Add pomegranate seeds and chopped cilantro to the salad.

  • Also, add some salt and pepper accordingly to enhance the taste.

  • Add some lemon extract and olive oil, and slightly mix the salad.

  • Have it as a side dish to any main dish, or have only salad as it is filling and stay healthy.


Nutrition Facts

High Protein Vegetarian Salad

Amount Per Serving

Calories 246 Calories from Fat 63

% Daily Value*

Fat 7g11%

Saturated Fat 1g6%

Polyunsaturated Fat 1g

Monounsaturated Fat 3g

Sodium 42mg2%

Potassium 685mg20%

Carbohydrates 40g13%

Fiber 10g42%

Sugar 15g17%

Protein 10g20%

Vitamin A 4597IU92%

Vitamin C 29mg35%

Calcium 76mg8%

Iron 4mg22%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Source: Yummy Indian Kitchen – Indian and International Recipes

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