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Early signs of pregnancy you should recognise 

One of the most scariest and happiest things for a woman is missing a period. Happiest thing, if you are trying to have a child with your partner. Scary, if you are not. Nevertheless, recognising the signs of pregnancy is vital to plan things ahead and preparing yourself for the pregnancy.  A pregnancy test helps, but you must know the signs that encourage you to go for a pregnancy test for confirmation. 

A missed period is a sure-shot sign. But it may also be a false alarm as periods can be delayed. In this case, you must know the following signs that can point to a pregnancy. 

Frequent urination

Taking numerous trips to the washroom in an hour? Just so you know frequent urination is a sign of pregnancy. The amount of blood in your body increases to nourish the foetus, which allows your kidneys more fluid to filter and get rid of more waste. 

Of course, hydration also plays a key role. If you happen to drink plenty of water, you are going to urinate more frequently. 

Changes in appetite 

Do you find yourself binge-eating lately? You feel so hungry that you wish to eat every food item in your proximity. If that’s so, it will be safe to assume you are pregnant as changes in appetite are a common sign of pregnancy. Conversely, you may also experience a loss of appetite due to nausea. Developing food aversions is also possible during the early stages of pregnancy. These aversions may most commonly be for tea, coffee, milk, eggs, onions, and spicy foods. These changes in appetite occur due to changes in hormones. 


Morning sickness is one of the most obvious signs of pregnancy. Morning sickness may include nausea, food aversion or vomiting. It can set in as early as two weeks after conceiving, which may be around the fourth week of pregnancy and around the time you miss your period, but later as well. 

However, it is to be noted that nausea may not necessarily be experienced in the morning, as the name suggests, it can also happen later in the day. 

Constipation and bloating

Constipation and bloating are common signs of pregnancy. You may experience the same due to fluctuations in hormones. The hormones affect digestion, slowing it down, and causing a build-up of air in the stomach. 

Even though these are early signs of pregnancy, they may continue throughout the duration of pregnancy. 

Darkening areolas

Areolas are the areas surrounding your nipples. The area may get darker during pregnancy due to changes in hormones and prepare the body for lactation. These changes may be gradual and show up in the later half of pregnancy; however, for some women, these changes may appear sooner, at the beginning. 

In addition, you may also experience breast tenderness, which is chiefly because of increases in the production of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone – to support your growing baby.

You are sensitive to smell 

Have you been smelling mild scents that no one around you is able to sense? If yes, this increased sensitivity to smell may be a sign of pregnancy. Many women experience this in their first trimester. It may be a scent or odour. If it is the latter, you may also experience nausea and food aversions mentioned above. 

Dizziness and headaches

Dizziness and headaches are common signs of pregnancy. These may be because of increased blood flow and decreased blood pressure during pregnancy. While some women experience it later during the pregnancy, others experience it early on. 

Closing thoughts 

Please note, that even though these can be early signs, they can also be false alarms. In addition, symptoms are not universal, if someone in your known experiences them, there is no guarantee you’ll be experiencing them too if you are pregnant.  The best way to confirm a pregnancy is through a pregnancy test. So, get a pregnancy test if you notice these signs or miss your periods. 

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