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Good and bad things that happen to you when you lose weight 

Everybody’s weight loss journey is unique. However, what remains the same is that weight loss requires self-control, discipline, dedication and consistency. So, if you are here after completing your weight loss journey and reaching your ideal weight, we’d like to congratulate you. Kudos you did it. 

But if you are planning to start or are on your fitness journey, you must know the changes weight loss often comes with. We’re talking about the increased self-confidence and body positivity, and several other things that usually come with weight loss – both good and bad. 

Keep reading the blog to know the entire list of changes you may observe after losing weight. 

…Starting off with the good ones 

You sleep better

If you have always been a night owl who struggled to sleep, the extra kilos of fat may be the reason. Sleep apnea, often associated with weight gain, is common in a lot of people. This sleep apnea is often caused by breathing difficulty during sleep

However, if you plan to lose weight, be assured that your sleep quality will improve. You’re more likely to sleep better at an ideal weight. 

Better mood and energy levels throughout the day 

Weight has a significant impact on your mood. If you are overweight, you may observe yourself to be cranky and lethargic all the time. 

There is a close link between your weight, mood and energy levels. It may be helpful to know that as your metabolism paces faster after a healthy weight loss, you will feel energised and happier at the same time. 

You may have better skin 

A weight loss journey is not only about witnessing changes in your weight but also in your skin. You may observe better skin after losing weight. By better skin we mean, improved complexion, a clear skin free of acne and pimples, and a radiant glow on the skin. 

However, you must note that these changes will only be experienced when you lose weight healthily. If you follow crash diets to lose weight, you may have dull skin resulting from vitamin deficiencies that are a usual result of crash diets. 

Your body temperature changes

You may feel colder if you lose weight. This is because having layers of fat also protects you from cold; you may consequently have a higher body temperature. 

You will have lower and better health metrics

Dropping those extra pounds isn’t just about fitting into skinny jeans – it’s a game-changer for your health. Slimming down can protect you against  three red flags: high blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Your body will thank you with lowered blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of diabetes and giving your metabolism a boost. You will also experience lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Additionally, you will also be lowering the risk of cancer. Weight loss can be your ticket to a healthier, happier you.

The bad ones…

You may experience hair fall 

Hair loss is common after weight loss. So, if you are seeing a bundle of hair falling on the floor or in between your fingers, it may be because of rapid weight loss. When you lose weight rapidly and significantly, your body goes through changes, including hair fall. 

This may happen when you have lost weight unhealthily. Your hair is probably falling out because of nutritional deficiencies. 

Just so you know, your hair is the last to get nutrients. When you are already on a nutritionless diet, your body may not get enough nutrients, let alone your hair.  

Loose and hanging skin

Just so you know your skin stretches to make space for body fat and mass. When you lose both of them, the space is left behind, resulting in loose and hanging skin. 

What you can do is build muscles to fill up the space. However, when there’s excess loose skin that cannot be filled with muscles, surgery is the last resort. 

Dull skin

You may be a little confused given that we just said weight loss can improve your skin. Well, dull skin is also a possible consequence if you lose weight unhealthily. This includes following crash diets that devoid your skin of essential nutrients and minerals. Consequently, your skin takes a toll. 

If you are experiencing dull skin on your weight loss journey, it’s your cue that you are eating way less than you should. Increase your diet in this case. Don’t go for short and drastic weight loss, but a sustainable and healthy weight loss. 

You may also experience stomach pain

When you go through rapid weight loss, you can develop gallstones; which are hard lumps that form in the gallbladder and cause pain and nausea. This usually happens when you cut down fat from your diet. Remember, not all fats are bad. You need healthy fats in your body, they are important for functioning. 

Nevertheless, if you reduce the good fat, your gallbladder fails to contract frequently, allowing accumulation of bile in the organ, which may lead to stones. 

Remember, fat is not the reason for your weight gain, but excess calories are. 

Closing thoughts 

Yes, there may be some bad consequences such as hair fall and loose skin, but these are not things you cannot rectify. Nevertheless, the good outweighs the bad, especially if you are losing weight healthily.  Everybody loves shortcuts, in this context, rapid weight loss; but just so you know, it’s not healthy and can cause nutritional deficiencies which may be the root cause of several health issues. Lose weight healthily and sustainably by maintaining a healthy calorie deficit and incorporating strength training in your life.

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