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Is face yoga really beneficial? Let’s find out

Whether in our 20s, 30s or 40s, we all want a clear, radiant and youthful skin. So, we do all we can – from using facial scrubs and face masks to applying a hundred products hailed by celebrities and influencers. Lately, face yoga has become the talk of the town. Various celebrities, influencers and dermatologists have been hailing it for its benefits. 

But when it comes to science, the research is conflicted. While it may provide modest benefits, even these take a while and a lot of work to become apparent. 

Let’s learn more about it in this blog. We will also be mentioning some face yoga exercises to help you get maximum face yoga benefits. 

What is face yoga? How does face yoga work? 

First things first, let’s understand the different layers of our skins. The outermost is the skin itself. Under it are two layers of fat, precisely deep fat and subcutaneous fat, both of which give fullness to the face. Under these layers of fat are the muscles which are quite small. 

As we age, our skin pulls downwards and we lose fat from the face, giving a hollow look to our face. In addition, the bones and the skin also become thinner. 

This is where face yoga for glowing skin comes to your rescue by targeting your facial muscles and making them more plump. Please note that these exercises will not add back the fat but can improve the appearance to give your face a smoother and plump look. It can only tone, lift, and smoothen faces. 

Does face yoga really work? 

Yes, it can help to a certain extent. There are numerous face yoga benefits you can get: 

It boosts circulation

It improves blood circulation. It involves a series of gentle taps. You can begin by keeping your fingertips on the forehead and tapping the skin gently. Continue to do so on other regions of the face until you reach the jaw.

It decreases jowls

The term ‘jowls’ is used to describe sagging and loose skin just below the jawline. You can practice facial yoga to reduce the appearance of jowls and make the region firm. Here’s a face yoga exercise that can help. Form a fist and place it on the outside of your jaw. Turn your head toward your fist for a good stretch in the neck. Press your jaw into the fist gently. Hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat this face yoga for glowing skin on the opposite side. 

It reduces eye strain

Do you have a 9 to 5 job that causes great strain on your eyes? If yes, facial yoga can be of help.  Do the following facial yoga exercise, while ensuring you are gentle. Place your fingertip on the inner corner of your eyes and then press down. Hold it for about 30 seconds. Following this, you must move your finger in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Repeat this in the opposite direction. 

It relaxes your face

Stress can manifest on your face. But there are a few face yoga exercises that can ease the tension and relax your facial muscles. 

Just place your hands on your knees while you sit on a chair. Inhale through your nose and open your mouth sticking out the tongue. Try to stretch the tongue towards your chin. Relax your face and repeat the same 5-7 times. 

It smoothens brows

Smoothened brows give a clean and clear appearance to your face.  This facial yoga exercise helps smoothen brows by targeting the large muscles at the centre of the forehead. To begin with the same, place your fingers on the frontalis muscle in an inward direction. Apply gentle pressure on the skin while slowly moving your fingertips towards the temples. Release and continue the same movement for 30 seconds. Perform this face yoga for glowing skin daily. 

Does face yoga really work? Closing thoughts 

To answer the question, “Is face yoga effective?”, you must know that it does help but if you are expecting a complete transformation, it’s not possible. Face yoga benefits may include slimming your face, giving it a plum look and reducing wrinkles, depending on the face yoga exercises. You can get these face yoga benefits by boosting circulation, relaxing facial muscles and reducing eye strain. It is indeed better and has the upper hand as compared to other cosmetic procedures when it comes to the risks. However, you must know that it may not give long-lasting or significant, noticeable results. Keep your expectations realistic before you proceed with it.

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