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Myths about Urinary Tract Infections that need to be busted 

Tell us if the thought of using public washrooms doesn’t frighten you. You try your best not to use them but when you have to, you wash your hands a million times, followed by a sanitiser. So, what is this fear about? It’s about contracting Urinary Tract Infections.

Those who have had it know that it can not only be inconvinient but also painful at times. You feel the urge to urinate frequently, and when you do there’s a burning sensation you cannot soothe. All of us which can make it difficult to get by your day. 

There’s plenty of literature available on Urinary Tract Infections, and sadly with it, there are several myths that circle back and forth.  This blog will focus on busting some of those myths. 

UTI only affects women 

Having a vagina doesn’t mean you’re entitled to have a Urinary Tract Infection. There is no denying that UTI affects more than 50-60% of women at least once in their lifetime, but it doesn’t mean men can’t have it. 

Men also contract UTIs but these cases are more common in old age. Women are most vulnerable to UTIs because of their anatomy. Women have shorter utheras, meaning the bacteria has to travel a short distance to reach the bladder. 

The symptoms go away with treatment 

Most treatments may require antibiotics, but some don’t. In cases where antibiotics are needed for a prescribed time may heal the infection, but its symptoms may last beyond the treatment, for several weeks to be precise. 

 It is important to follow the treatment plan and not increase the dosage as per your assumptions. Doing so may cause antibiotic resistance. It is best to inform your doctor about the same who may make moderations to your treatment plans.  

Sexual activity causes UTI 

Most people think that UTIs are caused by sexual activity. However, this isn’t always the case. Sexual activity may increase the risk, but it is not the sole cause.

Sexual intercourse can cause bacteria to move nearer or into the urethra, which may increase the risk. But the good news is, the risk can be lowered if you urinate after the intercourse. Doing so removes some bacteria before it creates an infection. 

UTI always has symptoms

In most cases, UTI has symptoms. These symptoms can include a burning sensation, painful and frequent urination, fever, blood in urine, pain in the abdomen and fatigue. While these are the most common symptoms that people experience, some people may not experience any symptoms at all. This is more common in older adults or those who use catheters. It is because of asymptomatic bacteriuria, which may be present in the bladder but does not cause symptoms. Asymptomatic bacteriuria usually occurs in a tiny number of healthy people, most of whom are in a clinical setting or have some other medical issue. 

Poor hygiene is the only reason you contract UTI 

Yes, good hygiene is important for avoiding medical issues and overall well-being. But if you’re not following these hygiene habits, it won’t be the only cause of UTI. 

It needs to be established that UTI is caused by bacteria, E.coli, Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, Pseudomonas, or Klebsiella bacteria. 

There is no denying that general hygiene is crucial, but urine is not sterile and an imbalance in the bladder bacteria is the more probable culprit. You may experience a UTI when an imbalance occurs. 

So, how do you prevent UTI? 

Here are a few tips you can use to prevent UTI and decrease the risk of the infection. 

  • Stay hydrated as doing so keeps your bladder healthy and flushes out toxins. 
  • Empty your bladders frequently. Do not resist the urge, unless necessary. 
  • Urinate after having sex 
  • Wipe properly after urinating and pooping. 

Closing thoughts 

Apart from these tips, being informed is also essential to dispel such myths. Knowledge is power, a necessary tool for preventing UTI. So, be informed and be safe and healthy. 

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