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Reasons why you may feel tired all the time 

Do you find yourself making plans for the next day only to procrastinate? You decide to work out or go for a morning walk, perhaps also plan to prepare a nice healthy breakfast and head to work without a rush. But what happens the next day? You’re just too tired to do anything you planned to. What’s worse is that this tiredness doesn’t go away but lasts all day long. Your body aches, and you feel sleepy and sluggish to just go about your day. 

Going about your day wasn’t supposed to be this difficult, right?  But it is and just for one reason – tiredness. So, why do you feel like that all day long? Why do you just feel like dropping on your bed every hour of the day?

Well, the reasons can be many – and they all have to do with your health and lifestyle. So, let’s dive in to understand what those reasons are. 

You may have some allergies 

You did not see this coming, did you? Truth be told, allergies, especially allergic rhinitis, can be one of the reasons why you feel lethargic. Often accompanied by itchy eyes and stuffy nose, these allergies also have fatigue as one of the many symptoms. 

As your body utilises most of the energy trying to breathe, it isn’t left with enough amount to do anything else. Consequently, you feel tired all the time. 

Consider using nasal sprays after having a word with your doctor. These medicines can help only if allergies are the root cause of your fatigue. 

You’re not moving enough

When you are not moving enough, your body is using energy only to survive, and get by. Not to mention, inactivity can also cause deconditioning of the body’s cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, leading to a depressing mood and fatigue. Studies reveal that the more regular physical activity you have, the more likely you are to feel energised. 

So, this is your cue. Get moving, and see for yourself if you feel energetic. 


Anaemia can also be one of the causes of fatigue. You may also feel weak and short of breath. Anaemia is caused by iron or other vitamin deficiency. It usually results due to a lack of Red Blood Cells (RBC). The triggers can be internal bleeding, blood loss, kidney failure, and rheumatoid arthritis. A health check-up is recommended in this case. 

You may not be sleeping enough

You don’t need to think much about the root cause of fatigue if you don’t sleep enough. If you are sleeping for less than 8 hours daily, it can be the most probable cause of tiredness that can last all day long. 

If your goal is to barely survive and get through the day, you can survive on <8 hours of sleep. However, if you want to function your best and be enthusiastic and cheerful at the same time, you must have enough sleep. 

Thyroid levels 

Abnormal thyroid levels can also cause fatigue. Also known as hypothyroidism, it is a condition when the thyroid gland fails to produce sufficient levels of hormones. Consequently, your metabolism slows down, you feel drained and put on weight. 

If hypothyroidism is the case, you may first experience muscle fatigue in the thighs. You may also experience increased thirst, increased heart rate and less frequent periods. 

You can consider getting tested for thyroid in this case. If there is indeed a thyroid diagnosis, you may be required to make certain lifestyle adjustments and take prescription medicines, only after consulting with your healthcare professional.

Improper diet and vitamin deficiency

Once again, if your goal is to barely survive, any kind of food will do. But if your goal is to live, stay in the best of your health and be energetic, then you must aim for a balanced diet, 3 times a day. 

Taking an improper diet results in vitamin deficiency, which is the root cause of not only fatigue but several health problems. 

We suggest you go for a full body checkup to see what nutrients you’re deficient in and make adjustments to your diet accordingly. 

Closing thoughts 

So, after reading this post and introspecting, what do you think is making you feel tired all day long? Well, sometimes the solution is right in front of us. If you think your lifestyle is a problem, then you know the solution,  changing your lifestyle for the better – including taking a balanced diet, limiting processed food and drinks, exercising and quitting smoking. 

If you think you’re leading a fine and healthy lifestyle, then perhaps the fatigue is because of certain health issues mentioned above. In this case as well, get your full body health checkup done to know for sure, take medicines, and make adjustments accordingly – as per your doctor. 

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to settle for less. You wouldn’t just want to survive being your tired self. You would want to live, cheerfully, enthusiastically and energetically. So, take care of yourself and take command over your health. 

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