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2nd FDP on Human Rights at Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer Chair on Human Rights, School of Legal Studies, CUSAT, Kerala [Starting from May 27; 7 Days]: Register by May 15

Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer Chair on Human Rights, School of Legal Studies, CUSAT, Kerala is organising 2nd FDP on Human Rights from May 15. The last date of registration is May 15.

About the Chair

The Chair, established in memory of the Late Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer, former judge of the Supreme Court of India and a prominent advocate for Human Rights renowned for his influential legal decisions, is dedicated to advancing the human rights- centered legal principles developed by him.

Its principal objective is to foster awareness about human rights, particularly among students and educators, and to instil a compassionate approach across all spheres of life. Through a variety of impactful outreach initiatives, workshops, and seminars, this Chair endeavours to address topics such as healthcare, patients’ rights, privacy rights, socio-economic rights, and other rights.

Furthermore, the Chair actively engages in providing educational sessions on human rights in colleges where Human Rights and Duties Education is integrated into the curriculum. It also conducts online Faculty Development Programs and training sessions for educators. The vision of the Chair is to pinpoint areas characterized by widespread.

About the Programme

Conducting a faculty development program on human rights is essential for equipping educators and researchers with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively teach and study this critical subject. By engaging in such a program, faculty members not only enhance their own understanding of human rights but also gain insights into how to impart this knowledge to their students in a meaningful and impactful way.

Additionally, such programs help raise awareness and sensitivity towards human rights issues among faculty members, fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and social responsibility within educational institutions. Ultimately, these initiatives contribute to the promotion of human rights education, ensuring that future generations are equipped with the skills and values necessary to uphold and defend human dignity and equality in society.


Researchers and Members of the Faculty working in Universities and Colleges in India.

Dates & Duration

  • 7 Days – from May 27 – June
  • Duration: Every day 3 hrs.
  • Last Date of Registration: 15. 05.2024


  • The proposed FDP will be conducted in online mode using G-Meet/ZOOM Meeting App, which is more or less familiar to all.
  • The phone numbers of the registered participants will be put in a WhatsApp Group as the Registered Mobile Number, and all information will be disseminated through it.
  • The proposed FDP will be 7 (seven) days, covering all important areas of the subject of Human Rights.
  • Participation in all sessions is mandatory. The detailed schedule will be circulated after the deadline for registration.
  • Minor changes in methodology, schedule and activities may be done as and when necessary. Such changes will be intimated to the participants in advance.

How to Register?

The participants can register themselves by filling out the Google form attached at the end of the post.


Rs. 500/- All the participants will get an E-certificate on successful completion of the programme. The fee can be paid to:
Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer Chair on Human Rights
School of Legal Studies
Account No. 67177926340
Bank: SBI CUSAT Campus Branch
IFS Code: SBIN0070235

Dr. Aneesh V. Pillai, Coordinator, Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer Chair on Human Rights, Mob. 8606558242.

Click here to register.

Source: Lawctopus

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