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A summer’s tail

As temperatures in cities like Delhi soar to unprecedented levels, and likely to continue as climate change unleashes its fury, I must question the practicality of the black coat in the summer. While it serves as a symbol of professionalism and formality before the court, I wonder if that purpose can be equally served by the gown instead. Climate change is an undeniable reality, and the increasing temperatures in Indian cities necessitate a re-evaluation of traditional attire.

I confess that opinions on this matter were divided among those I spoke with. I also acknowledge that the data is anecdotal at best.

But for what it’s worth, some lawyers remain staunchly against the idea of dispensing with the coat, viewing it as an integral part of the legal attire that commands respect and upholds tradition. They argue that wearing a gown without a coat could be seen as informal and inappropriate for the solemn environment of a courtroom.

Others felt that the black coat absorbs heat, making it unbearable for lawyers who have to move between different courtrooms and buildings. They argue that the primary purpose of legal attire is to maintain decorum and uniformity, which can be achieved with a gown as effectively as with a coat. The gown, they contend, offers a dignified appearance while being more practical in the Indian climate, since it is airy and doesn’t cling to the body.

Source: Barandbench

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