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ArcelorMittal Global General Counsel Sapan Gupta on his role, Indian Law Firms vs Foreign Law Firms and more..

SG: Cultural diversity and jurisdictional challenges are extremely high in our company . So, we need people who are adaptable. For the global role, there may be a matter in Brazil one day, and in Liberia the next. Both jurisdictions are extremely different. So, it is important to have the patience, to learn from the team and the external lawyers quickly to then fit that into the overall business requirements the company. Even our legal risk metrics need to change from country to country.

Ability to communicate beyond just words is another extremely important attribute. A number of my team members do not speak English and in several local situations the counter party too speaks a different language. In such a situation it’s very important to build relationships, trust to understand from them continually.

Third, is relationships with law firms. Despite a 200-lawyer-strong team, we can’t cover all areas. Therefore, we need to have the ability to work with global law firms.

Fourth and perhaps the most important part is the relationship with business partners. The business needs to be treated with the same respect as a client, an internal client, therefore the ability to understand what the business requirement is and be solution-oriented is critical in global roles.

Source: Barandbench

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