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Arsenic in rice? NGT seeks response from Central government, CPCB

As per the article, arsenic found in different levels in different areas, naturally occurs in water, soil and rocks and easily enters the food chain.

It said that arsenic pollution has been rising as a result of human activities including pesticides and herbicides, wood preservatives, phosphate fertilizers, industrial waste, mining activities, coal burning and smelting.

Rice is particularly susceptible to arsenic contamination given that it is grown in flooded fields and absorbs more water compared to other crops.

The NGT recorded that as per World Health Organisation (WHO), long term symptoms of arsenic poisoning tend to occur in the skin first and can show up within five years of exposure and cases of extreme poisoning can even lead to death.

This raises a substantial issue relating to compliance with environmental norms and implementation of the provisions of laws, the NGT opined.

Therefore, it sought responses from the CPCB as well as the Ministries and listed the matter for further hearing on September 2.

Source: Barandbench

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