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Call for Papers: Title of the Edited Book- Law, Governance and The Globalising World: Submit by Dec 31

Submissions are invited for Title of the Edited Book- Law, Governance and The Globalising World. The last date of submission is December 31.


The Globalization of World refers to the interplay of economic resources, technical knowledge, and mutual coordination amongst the nations on an international platform. The post liberalization phases have witnessed law making in the form of treaties and agreements amongst countries all over the globe. The law applicable in geographical limits of a nation may also be applied beyond its territories for a common cause.

The recent depletion of the world environment has created a need to rethink the strategies of development and the requiring of sustainable development. The pollution caused by numerous factors other than industrialization are also to be analyzed for protection of ecosystem. The God has created a haven for humankind and other creatures, but the humankind has been ruthlessly depleting the natural resources for fulfilling the wants or at times even due to lack of awareness.

Economic development is a key to fulfilling the demand for goods and services, yet the countries throughout the world must strive towards achieving the goals of efficient and optimum use of scarce resources.


Papers are invited across a range of areas including but not limited to those listed below:

  • Law and its administration in Globalizing World
  • Justice in conceptual frame and its international administration
  • Protection of Refugees
  • Justice, Natural Justice & International Law
  • International Regulations relating to Water & Sea
  • Conventions /treaties & international Criminal court
  • India’s Constitutional & legal Position In the context of Globalization
  • European Union’s and other Regional Theories of law in era of globalization
  • Role of WTO in International justice administration
  • Global Civics: Rights and obligations in independent nations
  • Global Action on Human Rights
  • Business Environment, Competitiveness & Human Development
  • Global efforts to preserve ecosystem for sustainable development
  • Global Efforts for Forest preservation
  • Global Administrative Law in context of Development
  • Challenges relating to water resources in the context of Globalization
  • World Social Forum and its challenges of constitutionalism
  • Movement for Justice Feminist issues and Global Movements
  • Anti-Capitalist & Fair-Trade Practices
  • Law on Human Rights in general including Universal Declaration on Human Rights
  • Prevailing Human right Laws in the context of globalization
  • Education, Employment& Medicinal laws in Global economy
  • Criminal Justice and Transnational organized crimes
  • Legal aspects of climate change and protection of environment
  • Protection of Labour, Social Security in international Scenario
  • Right to Food, Commodity & Trade in Global Context

Submission Guidelines

  • Originality Submission of manuscript entails that the work has not been published previously nor is under consideration to be published elsewhere.
  • Content Organization The manuscript should contain the following:
    • Title of the Paper
    • Author’s Affiliations, Designation, email, contact details
    • Abstract & Keywords
  • Word Limit: Manuscripts should be around 5000 to 6000 words along with an abstract, not more than 200-250 words.
  • Plagiarism: The threshold for plagiarism is 15 percent. The plagiarism report must be submitted along with the manuscript.
  • Language: All Manuscripts should be prepared in English language.
  • Files: The complete manuscript must be provided in the form of a single file of all the materials in MS WORD, figures/illustrations, tables, equations, etc.
  • Tables & figures should be placed inside the text. Each table should be given title with its number and figure should have a caption with their number below the figure.
  • Acknowledgements The acknowledgements of people who helped in manuscript preparation, funding for research, etc. can be listed at the end of the paper.

How to Submit?

Please send you paper at with the subject title of the paper.


Date of submission of Manuscript: -December 31st, 2023


Dr. Amit Dhall,
Contact No.: 9457997457

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