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Closing reminiscences by Justice PN Prakash

The first case was an appeal involving a double murder. I pored over the file and in less than fifteen minutes, I leaned over to Justice Rajeswaran and told him,

“Sir, this Appeal deserves to be allowed.”

Rajeswaran J, a thorough gentleman, immediately responded by saying,

“Yes, brother, we will allow the appeal, you dictate the judgment; let this be your first judgment delivered on the very day of your elevation.”

I developed cold feet.

As a lawyer, I had only settled pleadings. I had no training whatsoever to dictate a judgment, that too, in a murder appeal. With trepidation, I said,

“Sir, I don’t think I can dictate the Judgment in the open court, but let us reserve orders and then, I will prepare a draft and send it for your approval.”

He agreed and it fell on me to write the judgment. I was really at sea. Anxiously, I lay my hands on a few old law journals which I then pored over to acquaint myself with the structure and formulation of a judgment in a murder appeal.

Source: Barandbench

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