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Delhi High Court agrees to reduce costs imposed on Juhi Chawla if she does public work with DSLSA

Senior Advocate Salman Khurshid appearing for Chawla, argued that this is a very peculiar situation and the petitioner had raised a genuine concern on the impact of 5G technology on human body.

Khurshid said that this technology has created a major concern in the United States where there is a debate going on about the problem that 5G is creating on aviation by interfering with aeroplane communication devices.

He said that the petitioner had also placed a judgment of the US Court and that this was a genuine case which got mired in technicalities.

“In all humility, on behalf of the petitioner, I am seeking your indulgence that ultimately the inadequacies of one us (counsel) being not able to represent should not cause a detriment to the cause. This is all I plead with Your Lordships… Some of the submissions may not have been plausible but they are not so implausible that it would lead to cost of 20 lakh being imposed. The plaint has been returned with a very clear education that education we have received. Therefore, if the cause were to be pursued, we would do it in a much better manner,” he said.

Source: Barandbench

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