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Delhi High Court declares Haldiram as a well-known mark

Justice Prathiba M Singh passed the order after noting that Haldiram has been using the mark since the 1960s.

“…this Court is of the opinion that based on the averments in the plaint, the documents on record, and the reputation of the ‘HALDIRAM’S’ mark and logo as gleaned from the record, it is clear that the Plaintiffs’ mark and logo ‘HALDIRAM’, as well as the Oval-shaped mark, have acquired ‘well-known’ status. Considering the use of the mark since the 1960s in the food industry, and the factors outlined above, the mark and logo ‘HALDIRAM’ have achieved the status of a ‘well-known mark’. Accordingly, a decree of declaration declaring the mark ‘HALDIRAM’, as well as the Ovalshaped mark, as a ‘well-known’ mark in respect of food items as well as in respect of restaurants and eateries, is granted,” the Court ordered.

Source: Barandbench

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