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Don’t blame students for CUSAT Stampede: Kerala High Court

Justice Devan Ramachandran emphasised that there should not be any blame game involving the students and pointed out that it could have been a failure of the system that led to the events.

“I don’t want any blame game on any students, it will leave a big impact on them. The families are robbed of their existence. No students should be scarred. No students who organized the event should be blamed. The minds of the young children should not be subjected to a blame game. The young people have to live…Unfortunately, we react after the incident. Accidents don’t happen on purpose. Fingers point to some system failure. I want to know what enquiries are going on, Justice Ramachandran orally observed.

The Court then directed the Additional Advocate General (Additional AG) and Government pleader to get instructions on the nature of inquiries that have already been initiated by the State government.

Source: Barandbench

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