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Exploring the feasibility of BCI and NTA conducting a multi-lingual CLAT

While the NTA also has expressed interest in taking over the conduct of CLAT, several factors must be considered before such a transition is deemed suitable. Firstly, the NTA itself is a relatively new entity, established in 2017, and may still be evolving in terms of its operational capabilities and experience. Secondly, it is essential to examine the track record of NTA in conducting examinations so far. Over the years, the exams conducted by NTA have also seen their fair share of controversy.

For instance, the NEET has witnessed allegations of question paper leaks (NEET 2021), use of substitutes to write exams (NEET 2020), uncomfortable frisking of candidates leading to litigation (NEET 2022), incorrect results leading to suicide by candidates (NEET 2020), states insisting to opt out of NEET (Tamil Nadu), cheating rackets involding hacking into the systems to solve the paper for a candidate (2022) etc.

Similarly, the JEE exam has faced issues, such as discrepancies in answer keys, allegations of lack of basic facilities like drinking water at test centres and server glitches (JEE 2022) resulting in student protests and court interventions.

Source: Barandbench

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