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Father has duty to maintain and pay for education, wedding of daughters even if they are earning: Delhi High Court

As they proceeded to dismiss the appeals, the judges also said that they are hopeful that the mother would play a positive role in bridging the gap between the father and the daughters and that he would be welcomed at the wedding functions of his daughters.

“The bond between a parent and his child, particularly between a father and his daughter, is one of the strongest bonds that any two human beings can have. Even when this bond is weakened due to unfortunate past incidents, in our view, there is nothing to prevent the said bond being restored because, deep inside, both the daughter and the father are bound to have that natural and inherent love for each other. It only requires the layers of anger, hurt and ego to be brushed aside to expose the pure love & affection which a father and his daughter share… We, therefore, expect that as and when the daughters of the parties get married, the Respondent would happily participate in the functions, and the appellant, the children and other family members would respectfully and gracefully, with love & affection, welcome him to the functions and facilitate his participation in the functions wholeheartedly.”

Source: Barandbench

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