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Gujarat High Court calls for thorough enquiry by State Bar Council into charges of bribery, court record tampering by lawyer

The judge then asked about the normal approach of the Bar Council in such matters where serious allegations are made against an advocate.

“Do you wait for this Court’s orders or go about suo motu? See, there are very serious allegations of unethical practice against the advocate. So let there be a proper inquiry,” the judge said.

Justice Bhatt went on to describe the incident as ‘shocking’.

“What is the propose of appointing junior advocates as court commissioners in DRT? It is to get them some remuneration. But what are they doing? Demanding bribes and then this tampering of records. This is very much shameful.”

The Bench further pointed out that there has been an allegation that the parties involved have ‘influenced’ the members of the BCG to get a favourable order.

“Whether you want to give out a message to the society that BCG isn’t doing its duty or not? It is up to you. So decide this and act accordingly,” the judge said.

The BCG counsel then assured the Bench that a proper inquiry would be conducted and appropriate action will be initiated against those involved.

The Bench, therefore, allowed the BCG to conduct an inquiry against Gurjar and others involved. It also allowed the BCG to scrutinise the call data records (CDRs) of all the persons involved in managing the records of the High Court.

Source: Barandbench

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