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Gyanvapi – Kashi Vishwanath case: Allahabad High Court objects to parties, lawyers speaking to media

The Court also orally remarked today that multiple suits in the matter were complicating the issue.

The Court proceeded to question the timing of the Hindu side’s claim that Hindu prayers were earlier offered by Somnath Vyas and his family in the mosque’s cellar until 1993 when the Mulayam Singh Yadav-led government allegedly put an end to it.

“Did Somnath Vyas amend the suit of 1991 after the 1993 incident? …Your right (Somnath Vyas’) has extinguished, then how can you maintain the suit? Allegations are against the State government, but they are not the party to the suit. Your suits are complicating the matter. The basic issue is not being decided. This (multiple applications) is all a publicity stunt. How many suits are pending regarding the issue? All these issues should be clubbed,” the judge remarked.

It is a continuing wrong. That is why a fresh suit was filed,” asserted advocate Vishnu Jain who appeared for the Hindu side.

Source: Barandbench

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