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Heirs of Vijay Sondhi v. L&L Partners: Delhi High Court told that Mediation proceedings are underway

However, they claim that Chandhoke and Sharma, under the guise of amicably resolving the issues, have deliberately delayed the process, as well as the rights and benefits due to them.

“On many prior occasions, the Respondent no.3 & 4 (Chandhoke and Sharma) have not only tried to shake the confidence of the Petitioners by making disparaging statements but have also breached the trust and the faith reposed by the Petitioners and Late Sh. Vijay Kumar Sondhi,” the plea stated.

Despite the passage of more than two months since obtaining assurances from Luthra, the petitioners stated that they have not been given their legitimate legal rights.

“…it seems that the assurances were never intended to be acted upon, and were only deployed to mislead the Petitioners, who now believe, on the basis of the recent communication and a meeting thereafter wherein the Respondent nos. 1 & 3-5 (Luthra, Chandoke, Sharma and Deepali Chandoke) have denied the claims of the Petitioners and it is clear that the Respondents now have no intention of honouring their words or the partnership deed dated 01.04.2002.”

Source: Barandbench

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