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How Indian law firms can become more inclusive spaces for persons with disabilities

Reiterating the need for an empathetic environment for PwDs to thrive, Bhardwaj said, 

During my internships back in law school, I realized that if you sit at a desk in a law firm, your work will be monotonous. You need to move around, you need to have the entire law firm moving with you. Whether the law firm is ready to move hand-in-hand is a big question. PwDs need an empathetic environment, which ranges from awareness, to sensitization, to hand-holding, to training, to believing in them…These should also extend to people with invisible disabilities.”

Commenting on the recent initiative by SAM to conduct sensitization training for lawyers and staff, Bhardwaj said,

“I do appreciate the initiative by the law firm. It’s certainly a very positive move and a ray of hope. But then, why should a PwD not have options to choose between law firms like persons without disabilities? Equality needs to be universal. Universality of the application of these principles – whatever SAM is doing – needs to be there across firms. If one law firm does it today, two or more should do it tomorrow. Lawyers are the protectors of law, and when we have the RPwD Act which specifically talks about the concept of reasonable accommodation, why aren’t PwDs given equal opportunities at law firms?

Source: Barandbench

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