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In Conversation with Vaibhavi Senthilkumar on her Journey to becoming an IP Lawyer [Redirects to CLATalogue]

In this conversation with CLATalogue, Vaibhavi Senthilkumar talks about her journey from being a CLAT aspirant to being an IP Lawyer. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My Name is Vaibhavi Senthilkumar. I have completed my B.B.A LL.B., enrolled as an advocate in the Bar and have had a work experience for about an year in the field of IPR as an IP Lawyer. At present, I am pursuing my masters in Law in IPR.

How did you start your CLAT journey?

It started when I was in my 12th, wherein I used to go to classes to prepare for CLAT UG.

How were your initial years in the law school?

It was amazing! My initial years in law school were spent in learning and made me feel proud every minute and every second for being a law student. Ever since I got admitted to the course, I have walked with my head held high!

Law being the most noble profession, it made me always respect and be proud of myself and all the co-mates and seniors around me. I understand better the concepts of equality and justice, open mindedness and I also learned to always be a learner and keep seeking more and more knowledge ever since my initial years.

What motivated you to pursue law as a career?

The main reason for me to pursue law was my connection with very unique thoughts in any case of arguments with people I knew. My way of thinking would be completely different and would add a whole new perspective, which was precisely identified by my Mother who is my idol and who showed me this path.

Tell us a bit about your experience while taking CLAT LLM. How was that experience different from the time you took CLAT UG?

It was a lot more different. I had more clarity when I had to prepare for LLM CLAT, which I did not have when I was preparing for UG CLAT.

What were your top 3 sources of information for CLAT?

The three sources of information for me were my family, my teachers in school and various forms and sources of online research.

What would you say sets apart your #CLATStory from others?

I started as a person who was confused and scared initially when I took up law. My story is one of transformation as my journey through law school made me realize my potential and made me believe that I am on the best path for my growth.

Any advice you’d like to pass on to law school aspirants and law students?

Here are a few pointers that I’d like everyone to keep in mind!

  • Do not be stressed.
  • Be updated with the latest laws.
  • Be clear and decisive.
  • Be ready to explore.
  • Do not let your mind wander idly as there are many opportunities in the field of law.

This interview is a part of our series #MyCLATStory where we interview law students and legal professionals.

Source: Lawctopus

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