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“Interest of litigants paramount:” Bombay High Court rejects plea challenging approval to establish court in Wai

A Bench of Justices GS Patel and Madhav Jamdar emphatically asserted in the order that the interest of the litigants was of paramount importance.

“…It is the interest of the litigants that is paramount and the role of the Court and all those who enable its functioning, whether Judges or lawyers, are meant to assist the delivery of justice to the litigant,” the order stated.

Having said so, the Bench emphasized on the two aspects of delivery of justice, which was speedy, timely delivery of justice and physical access to justice. It reasoned,

“The establishment of a Court in a close proximity cannot really be said to be an undesirable thing to litigants who are in the vicinity of the proposed Court. There is no reason why a litigant should, on the Petitioners’ representation be required to travel 35 kms from Wai to Satara rather than have a Court in Wai itself…”

Source: Barandbench

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