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Internship Experience at Murari Tiwari & Associates, Delhi [1 Month]: No Stipend; Professional and Welcoming Environment

Name of the Intern

Vaishnavee Agrawal

Name of your College

Jindal Global Law School, OP Jindal Global University

Name of the Course and Year of Study

BA Hons. Legal Studies; Third year.

Name and Address of the Organization

Murari Tiwari & Associates
Office at: A-141, Block A, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi-110024.
Tiz Hazari Chamber: Ch. No. 147, Western Wing, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi-110054.

Duration of Internship

1st December 2023 to 30th December 2023

How Did You Apply for The Internship?

I applied through my college’s office of career services which submits our CV to various organizations of our choice. Interested eligible individuals can mail their CVs and a cover letter to the following e-mail ID:


Interns may get a certificate at the end of their internship tenure, highlighting their qualities and areas of work in detail. Interns will have the privilege of learning groundwork and experience litigation like no other practitioner offers. No stipend, etc.

Infrastructure and First Impression

The office offered a professional yet welcoming atmosphere. A conference room well-equipped with law essential books and precedents and a TV monitor for transparency while drafting is functional at all times. A separate seating area for associates and interns has been dedicated with necessary appliances and access to a kitchen with a regular supply of refreshing tea. Initially intense, the bustling environment was balanced by quick adaptability, aided by the office’s organized structure, encouraging associates, and supportive staff.

Main Tasks

Interns were assigned tasks tailored to their adaptability and prior experience. My responsibilities encompassed drafting diverse legal documents, including petitions, rejoinders, affidavits, complaints, and legal notices spanning matrimonial, civil, criminal, and arbitration cases. Court visits were integral, necessitating punctuality, adhering strictly to the 9:30 AM reporting time, instilling discipline in attending court hearings, and participating in various cross-examinations diligently. Thoroughly scrutinizing case files was imperative, requiring meticulous attention to detail to create comprehensive and specific briefs. Delving deep into every aspect and intricacy of the circumstances was essential before drafting any related document.

Personal Highlights

I had the privilege of being guided by Advocate Murari Tiwari Sir, the Former Chairman of the Bar Council of Delhi and current Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, as he occasionally riddled us with intricate legal queries designed to challenge and stimulate our understanding. Despite his towering eminence, his humility remained a guiding light, leaving a profound impact on those he mentored.

Advocate Tripurari Tiwari Sir transforms the workspace into a learning institute and helps novices like interns to pragmatically approach cases. His personal investment in teaching us the complexities of bare acts is rarely found at workplaces, embedding the law in our minds so that we eternally imbibe what it strives to achieve.

Associates like Advocate Nimisha Gupta Ma’am and Advocate Aditi Chauhan Ma’am contribute to a supportive, encouraging environment that fuels interns’ pursuit of excellence. It has been a transformative legal journey, significantly impacting my professional growth. This dynamic learning hub seamlessly blends diverse legal disciplines, offering an unmatched exploration into diverse arenas and practices of litigation. It encourages active participation, shaping an immersive experience beyond mere observation.

Why I Would Return as an Intern

This workplace isn’t solely about professional growth; it nurtures enduring relationships. It upholds an ethos of excellence, ensuring legal victories aren’t just court wins but testimonies to trust and satisfaction. My time here transformed me from a novice to a confident learner, owing to dedicated associates committed to every intern’s development.

Murari Tiwari & Associates isn’t just a law office; it’s a space where legal eagles evolve. Each day offers new lessons and challenges, shaping a personalized journey of legal discovery and transformation for individuals like myself.

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