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Internship Experience @ Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited: Prepared Reports and Research Work, Helpful Seniors

Your Name

Lester Vinal Lasrado

Name of the College

SDM Law College, Mangalore, Karnataka

Year of Study

IV year of BALLB

Name of the Organisation

MRPL -Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited.
Kuthethoor P.O via Katipalla, Mangalore, India 575030

Duration of Internship

December 1, 2023 – December 15, 2023

How did you Apply?

There is an application form prescribed for the internship, and it requires college verification as well as a reference from an employee.

If you need the application form, you can reach out to the training department of MRPL, or you can ask the employee to obtain the application form

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, and First Impression

First Day Formalities: MRPL, a PSU and subsidiary of ONGC, requires interns to complete several formalities upon arrival. Initially, interns are issued a temporary pass to enter the premises, followed by an internship pass for the duration of their tenure.

Safety training conducted by MRPL is mandatory on the first day, without which interns are not granted access. After completing the safety training, interns must visit the Training Department for an organizational briefing led by the Deputy General Manager (HR Training).

Additionally, interns are provided with access to a room designated for reading previous internship reports. Infrastructure: MRPL boasts impressive infrastructure facilities. As a law intern, my assigned location was the Admin building, where the infrastructure met the necessary standards. However, access to the plant area, which was restricted, remained uncertain.

First-Day Impression: My initial impression of MRPL was positive. Meeting Mr. Praful Mohan, the DGM Law, left a lasting impact. His kind and humble demeanor set a welcoming tone. Moreover, the legal team exemplified professionalism, always displaying warm smiles. Overall, my first day at MRPL marked a great beginning to my internship experience

Main Tasks

My main tasks included reading all the cases and preparing reports on them. I also had to conduct research on subjects related to labor laws. Additionally, I worked on arbitration cases at MRPL and was assigned to read and present articles on ADR and other legal subjects.

Work Environment

The work environment was very good; all the members of the legal team were assisting and guiding me with various doubts. I was provided with a cabin and a PC.

Mobile phones were not allowed inside the premises. Everyone was friendly, and we were given breakfast and snacks twice a day. However, since I was the only intern, spending time in the office was very boring.

Good Things about the Internship

The good thing about the internship was that law interns at MRPL were considered to be serious about their work. I needed to report all my work, and I had the freedom to discuss queries with my seniors, who were helpful in all aspects.

The canteen was good, where I could meet interns from other departments. Overall, the majority of aspects of the internship were good

Bad Things about the Internship

They offer internships only during December to January and June to July, and not in other months. There are a lot of formalities to go through while applying for the internship. Apart from that, everything else was good

Monthly Stipend

No stipend

Details about the Accommodation, Commuting to the Office

No accommodation is provided by MRPL as they are not obligated to do so. We have to walk a lot inside the premises. If we do not have a personal vehicle, getting to the main city is very difficult as there are fewer connecting buses.

Anything Else You Want to Share?

I always thought the seniors would be serious and rude in the office, but they were humble, always smiling, and assisting me in my work, which I found attractive. I had less time to chill out as I was the only law intern, but interns from other departments were kind of chilling as they were many together to spend time with.

However, they admired the facilities and opportunities that I used to get as a law intern. Overall, it was a great experience, and it is a productive internship for law students aspiring to be corporate lawyers. It is a must-do internship if you can cover your accommodation and other expenses.

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